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Top 10 Roblox Pokemon Games [2022 Updated List]

By Chirandeep Bhattacharjee
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If you ask any child to name their favorite Pokemon, they’ll most likely have a top-five list prepared. 

Pokemon has been as popular as ever over the last two decades, and video games continue to have a vast and diverse fanbase. However, if you do not own a Nintendo 3DS, you will be unable to play practically all of the games. This is where Roblox comes into play.

Thanks to the Roblox platform, you can now play in the world of Pokemon on your PC, mobile device, or Xbox One

If you type “Pokemon” into the Roblox search bar, you will get many results. Make no mistake: none of these games are as fantastic as the real thing, 

So calling this list the “greatest” Pokemon games on Roblox is a bit of a stretch, however, it is definitely a helpful list.

How do you know which Pokemon games are worth your time? That’s where we can help!

Let us get straight into our list of the top 10 Roblox Pokemon games

10 Best Pokemon Games in Roblox

  1. Pokemon Arena X 

On April 24, 2010, ‘SomeRandomGuysrg’ created Pokemon Arena X, and the game received its first version at that time. You can play as a Pokémon in the game and evolve and use various special abilities.

This game’s gameplay is extremely simple. Combat and leveling up are required, as well as interaction with other players and character development. Power and HP increase proportionally to level.

When the player reaches a certain level, they will be able to find badges that will allow them to obtain new Pokemon to play as. 

In addition, players must satisfy their hunger by eating the berries that appear at random in the surrounding vegetation.

  1. Project Polaro

This game is one of the most active Pokemon fan communities on Roblox. The game has a tonne of material, including Dungeon adventures and puzzles to complete, as well as a fantastic battle system.

Trainers will also challenge you and test your Pokemon training abilities. Run around, gather Pokemon, and explore the jungles and caves to become one of the best Pokemon trainers in the world.

  1. Pokemon Battle Brawlers

The third game on this list is also one of the oldest, having debuted in 2009. 

That was shortly after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, and that is when this game was created. 

  1. Pokemon Brick Bronze 

This is the pinnacle of Roblox Pokemon games. 

Pokemon Brick Bronze is by far the best Pokemon game on Roblox, with a large environment to explore, true turn-based fighting inspired by mobile games you know and love, and enough innovative ideas to keep you busy for several days. 

It’s hardly even a contest. It may be one of the best Roblox games ever, with over 388 million players.

Incredibly, people continue to play it, especially given that it hasn’t been updated in over two years at the time of writing.

  1. Legends Of Space

Legends of Space is a Pokemon game with no name in the title, and a vague-looking dragon-type Pokemon in the thumbnail to throw you off guard. 

When players begin playing the game, they will see that there are numerous generations of Pokemon with the same creature design and name. 

In a turn-based battle system inspired by the main Pokemon series, players can battle one another, hunt for Pokemon in an attempt to collect them all, and challenge gyms. 

This is currently one of the most popular Pokemon games on Roblox, and there is no indication that it will be removed.

  1. Project Pokemon

Project: Pokemon has been around for a few years, and despite Roblox’s repeated bans, the game keeps reappearing, with all users‘ data moved to the next game. 

Players will feel right at home with this, which features a turn-based system pulled directly from the official Pokemon games. 

The graphics are well-polished, and the user interface is streamlined, making browsing and tracking Pokedex entries simple. 

It features multiple generations of Pokemon, which appeals to a wide range of Pokemon fans, and its enduring fandom ensures that the game will not be phased out anytime soon.

  1. Loomian Legacy 

While Loomian Legacy is not a Pokemon game in the traditional sense, it is the inevitable sequel to Pokemon Brick Bronze, which was frequently removed from Roblox owing to copyright violations. 

It’s easy for gamers to dismiss this game as a Pokemon re-skin that’s quietly deviating in its own route. 

Loomian Legacy incorporates wild creatures that the player can collect, intending to catch all of the different sorts, similar to Pokemon. 

The Loomians are cuter than the most adorable Pokemon. While it lacks the Pokemon moniker and the actual Pokemons, it is a natural successor to the most popular Roblox Pokemon game of all time. 

  1. Pokemon Legends

Given the power and popularity of Legendary Pokemon, a game centered on them was bound to be a success. 

Few could have imagined how successful Pokemon Legends 2 would become, with over 20 million Roblox players stopping by to check it out in the years following its release. 

Legends, like the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus, takes place in a vast open world.

Instead of a trainer, players control a Legendary Pokemon of their choice, with access to all of the series’ Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, as well as a few regular Pokemon.

  1. Bloxymon 

Bloxymon is an RPG in which players catch Bloxymon and upgrade and evolve them to catch them all. 

There is a large map to explore, objectives to do, and PVP where people can compete against one another to find the best trainer.

While Bloxymon takes a unique approach, it is essentially a reskinned Pokemon game with some unique elements that keep many of the famous Pokemon clichés that fans enjoy.

Fans of the main Pokemon series will feel right at home with this game and will be able to pick it up in no time. 

Players don’t have to worry about the game getting taken down because of its unique species and terrain design. 

  1. Pokemon Universe 

Pokemon Universe feels unfinished in many ways. However, it is unusual in that you can begin a game as either a Pokemon or a Trainer and proceed from there. 

The world is basically vacant, and there isn’t as much to do as in the other games on this list, but it contains enough unique ideas to warrant a look at the very least. People still play it, which is significant. 


So those are some of the best Roblox games that you should play. Any Pokemon fan or just a simple Pokemon admirer will enjoy all of these games. 

If you’ve been looking for a good Pokemon game in Roblox, you can finally try these out and pick the best one for you.

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