How to make a mobile Roblox animation

How To Create An Animation On Mobile Using Roblox [2022 Guide]

By Josna George

Roblox is an amazing virtual universe that helps you create a platform game, share experiences with friends, and be anything you can imagine.

Roblox was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004.

Roblox application is available on the PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. You can download the application and play games on it. Roblox application supports Android OS 5.0 and higher. 

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The interesting thing about Roblox is that you can create animations on mobile devices using the Roblox platform.

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to create your animation on mobile using the Roblox platform in a few simple steps.

How to make a Roblox animation on Mobile

Step 1: Download Roblox on mobile & Start screen recording

To make a Roblox animation on mobile, the application must be downloaded on the device from the Playstore or Apple Store.

  • Open the app after it has been downloaded.
  • Start screen recording on your mobile device to record your Roblox animation.
How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 1

Step 2: Choose the ‘Tiger Photoshoot’

After step 1, search for ‘Tiger Photoshoot’ on the search bar. You will see a game called ‘Tiger Photoshoot’. 

  • When you first enter the game, look for the word ‘Catalogue’ on the left side of the screen.
  • When you click on ‘Catalogue,’ it will display accessories or hairstyles for you to change as desired. You are free to select any of them.
  • You can enter different codes for the accessories in the ‘Item ID here’ field. To have a variety of accessories in the character, you can look up codes online.
How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 2

You can even go in and explore the sections. There is a makeup section where you can choose the makeup look you want for the character.

How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 3

Step 3: Choose Backdrop
After you’ve made all of your selections, the next step is to change the background. Remember, all that you do now must be screen-recorded as well.
You can keep moving your character to different places to have a background of your choice.

How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 4

Stand wherever you want and you can angle your camera to a place. Since you are screen recording, you can edit out the parts you want later.

How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 5

Next, click on ‘Poses’. Choose multiple poses you want to have in the animation. Screen recording will capture the animation as you keep selecting your poses one by one. 

You can pinch-zoom in or pinch-zoom out, to create a movement as your choice in the animation. Once all the parts are recorded, you can stop your recording. It will be saved in your gallery. 

Step 4: Download ‘InShot’ for Editing

Download the ‘Inshot’ application on your device to edit the screen recorded video.
It’s a good editing tool that’s free and lets you edit videos and photos.

It has a plethora of editing tools to meet your needs to create a basic animation.

All of the screen-recorded parts will be edited here to create a Roblox animation.

Editing The Video On Inshot

Once you open the app, 

To edit, select the screen-recorded video

You can crop out all of the unwanted parts of your video, such as the visible Roblox buttons.

After you’ve finished cropping, you can play the video to see the results and continue to get the desired result.

Step 5: Final Editing on Inshot

After obtaining your desired video in Step 4, you can now proceed to further edit. You can use the app’s editing tools to your heart’s content and let your creative juices flow.

  • You can add music, have a separate intro or ending part, or both.
  • At the bottom, there are options to add music, record, crop, split, merge, and so on.
  • After you’ve finished editing, you can save and export the video.
How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 6

That’s all! And there you have it, an animation that you created all by yourself, without the need to animate anything or use any fancy editing software.

How to make a mobile Roblox animation Step 8


On the surface, Roblox is a gaming and game development platform that is a haven for many 3D game fans or video game fans in general. But if you have the vision and imagination, there is so much more you can do with this platform.

Look at how simple it has become to create a 3D animation with Roblox. You no longer need to learn or have all of the software, tools, and skills to create a simple animation.

Most people can do it for fun, but if you add your creativity and vision to these animations, they can grow into much more.

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