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Top 10 Funniest Roblox Memes In 2022

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Roblox is notable for spawning some of the best memes, like the iconic “Oof” joke and the reintroduction of the term “Noob,” which can now be used for almost anything. 

The game has been around for a while and has gone through several significant adjustments, some of which have resulted in more meme-worthy stuff. 

Roblox is widely regarded as one of the most toxic gaming communities. 

Despite their differences, fans on Reddit have been able to put their differences aside and create some hilarious content that they can all relate to and laugh at together. 

So today we will look at some of the top memes that every Roblox user will find relatable. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 funniest Roblox memes that will leave Roblox gamers and users at splits.

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Top 10 best Roblox memes 

  • Waiting for Roblox to load
Roblox Memes

Some of the best Roblox roleplaying games take a while to load, which is why some developers use artsy loading screens to help make that time a little less boring.

Players used to be willing to wait up to several hours for a game to load just so they could play it for a few minutes on the old Roblox.

Most games no longer require players to wait if they are using a good device, but if they do, the game should be worth it.

  • The Chat System 
Roblox Memes

Roblox has a very strict chat system that filters out any words that they suspect contain sensitive or threatening information. 

While it may, on some level, protect players, particularly the younger generation, it is also a bit of a joke.

More dialogue appears to be being excluded from the chat than ever before, leaving the chat box filled with lines and lines of hashtags that make determining what players are trying to communicate nearly impossible. 

Fluid-Reddit Apartment-3951’s meme perfectly encapsulates that ridiculous but equally frustrating situation. 

Understandably, they are attempting to create a safe and clean environment for players of all ages, but conversations on the platform are becoming increasingly difficult to hold.

  • Noobs these days 
Roblox Memes

Since the inception of Roblox so long ago, the term “noob” has taken on a whole new meaning. 

Although the term originally referred to a “new player,” it has since become a derogatory term for anyone who appears to be bothering the other players.

Everyone has probably used the term “noob” at some point, whether they were referring to a new player or not, but trolls, as illustrated by this meme by HJacetLol, like to use it whenever they want. 

The Roblox ‘Noob’ has become a popular meme both in and out of the game, taking on a variety of meanings that, in the end, everyone can laugh about.

  • Roblox is better than Fortnite 
Roblox Memes

To purchase items in the store, such as skins, Fortnite players must first purchase V-Bucks

Roblox addicts will not do this because their entire budget is already dedicated to purchasing Robux.

They choose to dismiss this alternative currency as frivolous, even though spending hundreds of dollars on Robux is not a sin. 

It’s a classic Drake meme remix, albeit one that’s a little self-aware.

  • Reporting basically does nothing
Roblox Memes

Because the majority of Roblox users are children, they might not recognize Jeremy Clarkson

Any fan of cars or Top Gear, on the other hand, will recognize the meme format on the left. They are, however, undoubtedly familiar with griefing and trolls.

Players have taken to creatively express their frustrations in the form of memes.

The nonchalance of the original meme has been very well Roblox-ified (even if the reason why stinks).

  • Trolling is a hobby
Roblox Memes

Some Roblox games are classified as role-playing games (RPGs), in which you can enter a scenario and play a specific role with the assistance of your friends. 

The Koala Cafe is one of these, where you can either work as a worker (after completing training) or as a customer.

Some players, on the other hand, log in solely to troll, and these are typically teenagers or adult players who enjoy making fun of others. 

Just don’t provoke them too much, or you’ll get kicked or they’ll trick you into quitting the game.

  • Moderators often have no idea what they’re doing
Roblox Memes

Moderators apply for a position in a particular Roblox game and are in charge of keeping player chat and gameplay civil and respectful. 

It’s the same thing as having moderators in chat rooms or on Twitch streams. Unfortunately, as Twitter user @Txistxd Lou demonstrated, it does not always work out.

Many games fall short in this area, and many players believe that the player in this meme is ALWAYS a mod. 

It is not uncommon to be falsely banned or targeted by scammers, and some believe this is due to the inexperience of the moderators they have chosen.

  • My dad owns Roblox
Roblox Memes

Roblox has its fair share of toxicity and petty player arguments, but the majority of it is amusing rather than harmful. 

Every Roblox player can probably relate to this Redditiscurse meme at some point in their lives.

Most online game fanbases have some schisms. Not everyone will always get along, which can result in some petty toxicity, such as Fortnite dances, Rocket League quick chats, and even Roblox arguments. 

Online bullying is a real issue, but these incidents have become more of a farce than anything else, especially when players try to come up with witty responses like, “My dad owns Roblox.”

  • Roblox is superior to Minecraft.
Roblox Memes

Roblox is regarded as “the real deal,” whereas Minecraft is regarded as a world of flowers and daisies where small children are sent to play. 

Roblox contains many more elements, such as horror and fighting, that make it a more manly game than Minecraft. 

Roblox users are familiar with this age-old debate and can’t help but laugh at the truth in this meme.

Never mind that Minecraft is rife with zombies and that hackers used a portion of it to build one of the world’s largest and most dangerous botnets. 

Roblox is primarily a game for men, and many of them end up doing the next meme to other players.

  • “You promised my son free Robux” 

“You said you’d give my son away for free Robux,” a viral video, refers to a father’s dissatisfaction with Roblox. KreekCraft, a YouTuber, for promising to give his son some of the game’s currency, Robux, but failing to do so. 

The video has been remixed in several parodies on YouTube.

Roblox Memes

On March 11th, 2018, YouTuber Ali Sayed Gaming posted a video in which a father explains that KreekCraft promised to give his son free Robux after playing online with him, but did not, causing the young boy to “stay up until 2 A.M.” 

The video has received over 2.1 million views in three years.

On September 14th, 2019, KreekCraft responded to the video, clarifying that he had given the son the promised Robux (shown below, left). 

On January 3rd, 2021, he posted a video in which he met the Indian father (shown below, right).

Vitalicus, a YouTuber, posted the “You promised my son free Robux” video in isolation on November 27th, 2019, and it has received over 1.3 million views (shown below, left). 

This sparked a slew of remixes and parodies of the video, with dozens of them appearing on YouTube over the next year and a half. 

On March 3rd, 2020, YouTuber 1M oh uploaded a remix compilation of the clip, which received over 89,000 views.


Memes have become an integral part of modern culture, and Roblox is no exception.

Roblox memes are created by Roblox users and distributed through various social media platforms. 

Some of these memes gain instant popularity when a large number of people find them relatable and entertaining. 

These have made it very simple for players to express their emotions to their Roblox friends. 

If you found any of the above memes to be relatable and entertaining, don’t hesitate to share them with your Roblox friends. 

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