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A Book To Help Kids Learn Coding Fast

Learning to code can be a life-changing journey for your children. So why wait when there is nothing to lose and only some valuable future skills to gain for your children? 

At their age, children have a sponge-like mind that can absorb any type of information, so introducing them to coding and other necessary skills means that they will learn the skills early on. 

While there are numerous free coding resources available on the internet, the top educators at BrightChamps collaborated to create the best possible resource for both children and their parents. 

This book will show you what it takes to learn this new skill and how to get started on this exciting journey!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic yet small book that will change your perception of what ‘Coding’ is.

Coding Helps Kids in Various Ways:

✅ Improves kids’ overall academic performance

✅ Develop kids’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills

✅ Boosts kids’ creativity and develops persistence

✅ Helps kid’s become better communicators.


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