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5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids Of All Ages [With A Bonus]

By Ezra Libertino
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It’s a fact that a lot of kids nowadays don’t like to read books. They prefer watching movies or playing games on their device. 

We can’t fight technology. But the fact that books remain to have countless benefits for kids’ brain development also doesn’t change.

So, as parents, what can we do?

This is where graphic novels for children come in; they are an excellent medium for getting children interested in some form of habit close to book reading. 

This format has a lot of sentences, but it also has a lot of interesting pictures, so kids will still want to read it. 

However, do not confuse graphic novels with comic books. It’s not a comic book, a novel, or a storybook. 

graphic novels for kids

But once you start reading one, you’ll be hooked for life. Getting children to read graphic novels will bring them closer to the book reading habit and may encourage them to read and explore other types of books.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular graphic novels for kids of all ages so you can easily recommend them to your children. Make sure you read until the end because I have bonus information for you! 

Best Graphic Novels for Children of all ages

  1. Minecraft 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

Being one of the best games ever, Minecraft also has a series of graphic novels for kids.

It’s about the journey of a  team with a mission to face off the ender dragon. Their creative solutions to face any challenge will give a lot of inspiration to kids.

  1. Tiny Titans 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

This is a kid-friendly graphic novel series published under DC Comics. It features a younger version of the well-known “Teen Titans”, which also includes a lot of amazing adventures that will teach kids about teamwork, trust, and confidence.

  1. Dog Man and Cat Kid 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

This graphic novel has a very interesting plot about a superhero (Dog Man) and his enemy (Petey the Cat). 

It contains a lot of moral values such as solidarity, kindness, and resilience. It also has a big text size which makes kids easier to read.

  1. New Kid 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

This is a graphic novel about a black boy who is sent to a new school. The culture shock and how he handled rejections will teach kids about racial tolerance, persistence, and how to adapt to a new environment.

  1. The Adventures of Tintin 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

This is old but gold. I remember enjoying this graphic novel as a child, and I’m sure many parents my age did as well. So why not suggest it to our children?

It will teach children on geography, history, culture, and science! The best thing about Tintin is that their plots contain a lot of out-of-the-box ideas which opens up a child’s imagination and thinking.

  1. Secret Coders (Bonus) 
5 Most Popular Graphic Novels For Kids

Let’s jump to the last and the best. Secret Coders is a graphic novel series about the kids’ adventure to learn coding in order to do a mission. 

This graphic novel will teach kids some problem-solving skills, as well as an excellent way to introduce children to coding (the most needed skill in the future!). 


Reading graphic novels allows children to express their creativity and imagination.

However, you must select one that contains a lot of moral values, as reading it will also improve the kids’ social skills.

Before you buy any of these graphic novels, ask your children some questions about the graphic novels listed above to determine which one is appropriate for them.

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