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How Much Does Minecraft Cost [PC, Java, PS4]

By Mohamed Ansaar
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As we all know Minecraft’s popularity is unmatchable which made it one of the most widely played games among children in 2022. The main idea of Minecraft was given by Markus Persson.

The script is written in Java programming language and the game was developed by Mojang studios. Being one of the fastest growing games in the world, it has around 140 million monthly active players. It was made in May 2009 but got published in November 2011.

This blog is a perfect guide to understanding the entire child safety and parental guide for pricing for the usage of Minecraft.  

Why Minecraft?  

Unlike other games, Minecraft does not follow a fixed path. in this game, players do not have a proper goal to achieve. in simpler words, Minecraft is a simulation game where the player needs to find out everything on their own.

Minecraft Image

For example, Minecraft players must learn how to play the game, what they want to do, and what they want to make.

To understand it, suppose a player wants to build a play area or a coffee shop, then it is the player’s responsibility to figure out the ways through which he/she can build it. Minecraft is a sandbox game that is like a 3D game in which the blocks are arranged in a certain order. 

Minecraft Pricing Guide

Refer to the image given above; this is one of the examples of the 3D block-based picture of Minecraft. Q2 these 3D blocks the game looks more realistic and interesting. If we look at the name of this game, Minecraft resembles mining.

Which is an indication for the players to build everything from scratch including mining iron ore, gold, and other stuff as well. 

Role play of Kids in Minecraft: 

Unlike other games, Minecraft does not have a start or end to it. Children can keep playing this game and create whatever they want. This endlessness in the game is a unique feature that is one of the reasons this game gained so much popularity.

Another distinctive feature is that there is no life in the game which means children can keep playing this game without any break to it. The children must build the city from the base. This is a simulation kind of game in which the children need to build the survival part like creating railway stations, and houses.

Kids playing Minecraft

Children even have an option to do trading business with local villagers who are in-built computer characters in the game, which makes it even more fun and at the same time creates a learning experience for them.  

The game is constructed in the sense of survival simulations such as health bars. Just like in real life in Minecraft also, if the character falls from a certain height or gets hurt, the health reduces significantly. To maintain health in the game players can consume fruits vegetables and even meat. So, it increases the health and then the character can improvise the health.

In comparison to other online games, Minecraft does not involve any harm it develops creative abilities in kids. Kids have the freedom to create whatever they want in the Minecraft world which is a fun learning experience for them.

Also, A robotics kit for kids is an excellent tool for hands-on learning and exploration. These kits typically include various components like motors, sensors, and building blocks, allowing children to assemble and program their robots.

Some of the kids just start building stuff and they do not even care about the survival simulations either. They enjoy building cities and some places like coffee shops and hospitals.  

Parental guidance and Age Restrictions of Minecraft: 

Parents can completely trust the Minecraft gaming options. As this game does not involve any violence or blood, or explicit language it is completely safe for kids to play. The general age factor of Minecraft is age 8 and above. Additionally, while registering for the game apart comes where players need to fill up their age. If they are younger than 12, some of the features in the game get automatically locked for them. This feature makes it even more trustworthy about this game.

So, the parents do not need to worry about the gameplay. It is awarded as one of the recommended and safest games for children of fewer ages. 

Children should keep in mind that sometimes during the night in the game monsters and zombies appears so if children are afraid of these, they should avoid playing that part or skip that part or attempt to play the night part in the presence of their parents. Parents also can help their children to complete those levels.  

How Much Does Minecraft Cost

Minecraft costs around 30$ for the java edition. Being a cross-platform, the cost varies for different platforms. The following table will give a brief idea about Minecraft pricing. 

Name  Device or Platform  USD Price  Store  Purchasable  Notes  
Minecraft Classic Windows Mac Linux  Free Free-To-Play The original, F2P version of Minecraft 
Minecraft: Java Edition  Windows Mac Linux  $26.95  Yes  No cross-platform play with Bedrock  
Minecraft for Windows    Windows 10(and above) VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets  $29.99  Microsoft Store on Windows 10  Yes  Cross-platform play with all other Bedrock versions  
Minecraft for Mobile Devices   Apple Android Amazon phones and tablets  $6.99  Apple, Android, Amazon app stores  Yes  Cross-platform play with all other Bedrock versions  
Minecraft for Xbox  Xbox One Xbox One X|S  Xbox Series X|S  $19.99  Xbox Store and Microsoft Store  Yes  Cross-platform play with all other Bedrock versions  
Minecraft for Nintendo Switch   Nintendo Switch  $29.99  Nintendo eShop and retail stores  Yes  Price includes the Super Mario Mash-up pack; cross-platform play with all other Bedrock versions  
Minecraft for PlayStation  PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5  $19.99  PlayStation Store  Yes  Cross-platform play with all other Bedrock versions  
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition  Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X  $19.99  Xbox Store  No  This edition has partly been replaced by the Bedrock Edition version and is no longer updated  
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition  Xbox 360  $19.99  Xbox Store  Yes No longer being updated since the Aquatic Update  
Minecraft: PS4 Edition  PlayStation 4  $19.99  PlayStation Store and retail stores  No  This edition has partly been replaced by the Bedrock version and is no longer updated  
Minecraft: PS3 Edition  PlayStation 3  $19.99  PlayStation Store and retail stores  No  No longer being updated  
Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition  PlayStation Vita  $19.99  PlayStation Store and retail stores  No  No longer being updated  
Minecraft: Wii U Edition  Nintendo Wii U  $29.99  Nintendo eShop  Yes  Support for off-screen play  
Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition  New Nintendo 3DS  $29.99  Nintendo eShop  Yes    
Minecraft: China Version (Applicable only in China)  Windows Android devices Apple devices  Free  N/A  Available only in China  
Minecraft: Education Edition  (Educational Purpose) Windows iPad Mac Chromebook  $5-$12 per user/ year  Education.  Yes  Developed for schools, camps, and clubs, with features to create and deliver lessons for all subjects  
Minecraft: PI (Professional Internship) Edition  (Raspberry PI) Raspberry PI  Free  N/A  Designed for teaching and tinkering 

Inexperienced users can refer to the table above while purchasing Minecraft.  

Violence level of Minecraft: 

A small level of violence is present in Minecraft but they are minimal if we compare it to other games. The violence present does not affect the mental state of children playing Minecraft. Yet if parents or children then like the violence part it can be turned off using the setting options in the gameplay. The option to control violence in a game increases its credibility and makes it children-friendly as well as parents-friendly.  

Minecraft, Am I good to use? 

Minecraft is an incredibly effective way to increase thinking and creative ability in children. Since the game runs in survival mode while creating things in the game children also learn to implement those survival techniques in real life. Some of the things which are in Minecraft are:

  • 1) It helps in improving reading and writing skills. 
  • 2) it increases the mathematical ability of the students  
  • 3) Analytical skills grow and it increases the level of techniques as well 
  • 4) Confidence level will be boosted during the gameplay. 
  • 5) Coding skills get improved by Minecraft 
  • 6) It teaches how to prioritize a task and how to finish the task one by one. 
  • 7) it helps children to come out of their comfort zones and take risks. 
  • 8) Since trading is a part of Minecraft, it makes children aware of marketing and trading rules. 
  • 9) Since the game is associated with building stuff, the students also learn about building new things on their own. 
  • 10) Helps in making children more patient
  • 11) Children perform one task at a time in Minecraft, which increases their concentration. 
  • 12) Since coding is involved, mathematical skills develop as well.  

The above-mentioned points are the good points of this game. But there is a negative aspect as well. This game can be addictive and chances are that children get addicted to this game so parents need to make sure that they play Minecraft for a limited period and focus on other aspects like studies as well. 


Minecraft is one of the most popular games with a remarkably high number of active users. It is a very safe game for children and parents can trust this game. This does not include any violence or bloodshed, which makes it a very peaceful game, along with that, it enhances the thinking and creative ability of children.

Children need to build everything from scratch in this game and there is no start or end to this game. This Minecraft console Command will guide some of the console commands which are used during the gameplay.

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