Minecraft Villager Explained

Minecraft Villager Explained [Top Minecraft Villager Jobs in 2022]

By Ayesha M
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Minecraft villagers are just like humans and are a wonderful way to grab new gear and resources. They wake up, finish their day’s work, and go back to sleep just like a human does. “Nitwits” are the Minecraft villagers who do not have jobs at all.

Their days consist of going to their respective job blocks and doing nothing and calling it a day. Players can receive a lot of benefits from Minecraft villager jobs. The players can contact each villager in the game accordingly.

There are a lot of things to know about our emerald-loving neighbors like the villager jobs, villager trades, and even villager breeding if we want more workers to barter with.  

Here the Villagers are in neutral nobs, which means that they will not attack us, but ignoring them during our adventures is not a good idea. Just like animal mobs, they will be having some handy uses.

Spending more time helping around town and learning to trade with the locals helps us increase our popularity. 

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Minecraft Villager Jobs

The following are the Minecraft villager jobs discovered. We can pick the job that interests us the most. The jobs are:

  • Armorer 
  • Butcher 
  • Cartographer 
  • Cleric 
  • Farmer  
  • Fisherman 
  • Fletcher  
  • Leatherworker 
  • Librarian 
  • Mason or Stone Mason 
  • Nitwit  
  • Shepherd 
  • Toolsmith  
  • Unemployed 
  • Weaponsmith  
  1. Armorer 

Job Site Block: Blast Furnace 

Job Brief: Trades iron, armor, and chain 

An armorer is responsible for trading armor pieces. The blast furnace, which is used to melt ores in Minecraft is where an armorer works. For trading, we can get pieces of armor, a bell, and a shield.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Butcher 

Job Site Block: Smoker 

Job Brief: Offers cooked meat and stew 

The butcher is responsible for providing cooked meat and rabbit stew. Sometimes it offers 8 cooked chicken pieces for a single emerald. The smoker is the utility block of a butcher. For cooking meat faster than a regular furnace, this table can be used. 

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Cartographer 

Job Site Block: Cartography Table 

Job Brief: Trades maps, frames, and banners 

The “most expensive villagers” in the game are the cartographers. The main purpose of cartographers is to create maps in the game. The job site or utility block can be used for this job as a cartography table.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Cleric 

Job Site Block: Brewing Stand 

Job Brief: Offers magical items, Redstone dust, and even Bottle o’ Enchanting 

Rare magical items are provided by Clerics in Minecraft. Trading with clerics helps us to get our hands on some of the most interesting items like Redstone dust, lapis lazuli, glowstone, under eye, and even Bottle o’ Enchanting.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Farmer  

Job Site Block: Composter 

Job Brief: Offers high-level food items and ingredients 

Farmer is the most common and popular in the game. They also help Minecraft villagers in their jobs to get them done. We can trade bread, pie, apples, cookies, cake, stew at lower levels, golden carrots, and glistering melon slices.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Fisherman 

Job Site Block: Barrel 

Job Brief: Offers cooked seafood, campfire, and even an enchanted fishing rod 

A brand new addition to the game is the Fishermen. Cooked salmon, cooked cod, a bucket of cod, a campfire, and an enchanted fishing rod are offered by the fisherman. Trading fish for emeralds can help us with villagers having other Minecraft jobs.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Fletcher  

Job Site Block: Fletching Table 

Job Brief: Trades arrows, flint, bow, and crossbows 

One of the least known villager jobs in Minecraft is fletcher. Here the players can get arrows, flint, bow, and crossbows from low-level fletchers.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Leatherworker 

Job Site Block: Cauldron 

Job Brief: Trades leather armor, horse armor, and saddle 

The leather workers have lost their charm nowadays as they mostly offer leather armor pieces and leather horse armor. A Cauldron is their job site block, and it is quite convenient. It is used to store water, lava, or powder snow inside a cauldron.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Librarian 

Job Site Block: Lectern 

Job Brief: Offers enchanting books, compass, clocks, name tags, and more 

Villagers with librarian jobs are loved by everyone in Minecraft. We can receive bookshelves, lanterns, glass blocks, clocks, compasses, and even name tags from them. Bookshelves can be used to place books in it, which makes it accessible for other players too in multiplayer mode.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Mason or Stone Mason 

Job Site Block: Stonecutter 

Job Brief: Trades distinct types of bricks, terracotta, and quartz 

In Minecraft Java edition this is known as a mason and in the Bedrock edition, this is known as a stonemason. The job of a mason is to provide a variety of stones so that we can trade for several types of bricks, variants of polished stone blocks, and dripstone blocks. Mason’s is used to craft stone-related blocks in diverse sizes.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Nitwit  

Job Site Block: N. A 

Job Brief: Aesthetic value, no other value 

Nitwits are hopeless and no job can be assigned to them. Additionally, considering nitwits for trading is also a bad idea. It only has a healthy reminder of the aesthetic-only value that the Minecraft world holds for many. 

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Shepherd 

Job Site Block: Loom 

Job Brief: Offer decorative items like colored wool, carpets, and paintings 

One of the few non-survival-oriented Minecraft villager jobs is being a shepherd. They offer decorative items like carpets, colored wool, banners, and paintings. In return, they receive shears and beds from them. 

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Toolsmith  

Job Site Block: Smithing Table 

Job Brief: Trades tools like a pickaxe, shovel, and hoe 

various in-game tools like a pickaxe, ax, shovel, and hoe can be traded with the smiths. Along with that, it will also offer bells while trading. 

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Unemployed 

Job Site Block: use any block (or table) to assign a job 

Job Brief: Can take up any job on this list 

It is in the hands of the players to assign a job to all the unemployed villagers. Here all baby villagers grow into unemployed villagers and remain the same until they find a job site block so that they can craft and put it in front.  

Minecraft Villager Explained
  1. Weaponsmith  

Job Site Block: Grindstone 

Job Brief: Offers minerals, enchanted weapons, and bells 

Weaponsmith is the most desirable job and its chests are good in trade. We can find obsidian, weapons, and iron in these chests. swords and axes can be traded with and without enchantments.  

Minecraft Villager Explained


Minecraft villagers who work like humans are a fantastic addition to Minecraft. The above-mentioned are the jobs that villagers do. These jobs help in trading too. Also, don’t forget to check out this blog that offers fun and engaging computer coding for kids, making learning a breeze while having a blast!

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