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8 Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft Every Player Should Know

By Team BrightChamps
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Cheat codes are fairly common in video games. Every game and its fan base are well-versed in most types of cheats. 

When it comes to cheats and hacks, Minecraft is no different than other video games. 

In fact, Minecrafters are pretty deft when it comes to Minecraft hacks and cheats. 

When you enable cheats in Minecraft, commands that are useful for chat windows are automatically suggested, but many cheats aren’t mentioned in the game.

But don’t worry because I have compiled a list of some fun and cool commands in Minecraft that you may not know.

Because new commands are constantly being added and removed from the game, some of these fun Minecraft commands may not be available in your version of the game.

Now let’s get right into it!

Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft Every Player Should Know

  1. Teleport/Any
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

One of the most fun commands in Minecraft is the teleport command. It is also one of the most useful cheats

You can use the following syntax to teleport to specific coordinates:

/tp Player x y z

Once you have the hang of how coordinates work, you can quickly warp to important locations across your world. 

It’s also possible to teleport to any player or object using the /tp command by replacing the coordinates with a name.

  1. Locate nearby object/locate
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

For the second spot among Minecraft commands we have the locate command. 

Do you want to find the nearest village, mansion, or mineshaft? You can use the locate command to find the coordinates of nearby objects, as shown below:


The above command returns the coordinates of the closest buried treasure. Use this information with the teleport command to quickly get where you need to be.

  1. Summoning Objects and Entities: /summon
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

Summon is another popular Minecraft command, particularly as a companion to the teleport command. 

Teleport allows you to move around easily, and now you can use summon to instantly deliver the object of your desire to your location, regardless of what item, mob, or object you require.

  1. Change Difficulty: /difficulty
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

Difficulty commands are the fourth fun Minecraft commands. You may not need to use this command every time you play, but it is essential for when you do. 

Whether you’re bored and want to push yourself further, or you’re overwhelmed with your current settings and need a break, this simple Minecraft server command can help. 

You can customize the difficulty of your Minecraft world. Use the following configuration:


Your options are peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. For example, type in “/difficulty peaceful” if you want a more relaxed game experience.

  1. Setting Your World’s Weather: /weather
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

Weather can be both a surface feature and a critical game component in Minecraft. 

It can be important to maintain access to certain features such as water or sunlight at times, so the ability to customize your world’s weather could be very useful.


Simply enter the root command and specify your preferred type and duration in seconds. 

Choose between clear, rain, and thunder, each with its own implications for Minecraft’s different biomes.

  1. Share Your World: /seed
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

Seed commands are the sixth fun Minecraft commands. A seed code is a one-of-a-kind ID that is assigned to each Minecraft world. 

Enter the following command to find your seed code:


You can then share your seed code with friends so that they can generate a replica of your world. 

You can also do a Google Search to find Minecraft seed codes shared by other players.

  1. Control Where You Spawn: /setworldspawn
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

Do you want to spawn in the same location every time you start the game? 

Use the Set the world spawn command to achieve that. To set specific coordinates, use the following syntax:

/setworldspawn x y z

If you omit the coordinates, your current coordinates will become the spawn point for your world.

  1. Clone Blocks: /clone
Cool & Fun Commands In Minecraft

The clone command is useful when building villages because it allows you to copy and paste entire structures. 

Using the following syntax, you can specify a range of blocks to copy and a location to paste them:

/clone x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 x3 y3 z3

The first set of x/y/z variables represents the starting point for the range, and the second set is the endpoint. 

The third set is the location where you want to paste the copied blocks. 

You’ll need to do a little math, but it’s easier than rebuilding the same structure over and over again.


The use of some hacks and cheats makes Minecraft more enjoyable to play.

Minecraft cheat codes are very popular in the Minecraft community. Every time a new cheat code is added, the command spreads quickly. 

Above, we’ve listed 8 cool and fun Minecraft commands that, in addition to being fun, will help you improve your gameplay. 

Try out all of those commands and have fun with your Minecraft while you try something new out.

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