7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas For 2022

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Minecraft is an online game based on placing blocks and going on grand adventures. Exploring the Minecraft world means gathering materials and building things.

This includes creating a world of your own. 

To make your Minecraft world more enjoyable, attractive, and vibrant, you can build your own houses, gardens, and a variety of other items

Cottagecore is one of the most popular house designs in Minecraft. 

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Most gamers desire to build and own one of these houses, and if you’re one of them, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best Cottagecore Minecraft house ideas for 2022.

What is a Cottagecore House?

A Cottagecore house is usually identified as a house with a dreamy and cozy design. 

Cottagecore house aesthetics mainly include floral prints combined with highlighted pastels and warm earthy tones, cozy corners, art, and knick-knacks. 

The roots of these types of houses can be traced back to European nobility seeking a simpler life in the country. However, Cottagecore rose to popularity in modern times when its aesthetics caught the attention of people on social media. 

A modern Cottagecore is a romanticized interpretation of western rural or agricultural living in which the design is inspired by nature and the house has rustic touches.

What is a Cottagecore House in Minecraft?

The Minecraft Cottagecore house is not dissimilar to the Cottagecore house aesthetics we are familiar with in real life.

It is inspired by the Cottagecore aesthetic and design, as the name suggests. These Minecraft houses are aesthetically pleasing, with designs that take a lot of inspiration from nature. 

In Minecraft, there is a lot of vegetation and foliage around a Cottagecore house, which we also see in a lot of real-life Cottagecore houses.

When it comes to the colors of the Cottagecore houses in Minecraft, whether large or small, one would probably notice more natural tones and pastels. Some of the houses may even feature a mix of exposed brick and wood.

Overall, the first impression of Cottagecore houses in Minecraft is one of welcoming coziness, prompting you to appreciate the beauty and perfect blend of nature and the man-made structure that is the house.

How to Build a Cottagecore House in Minecraft?

To build a Cottagecore house in Minecraft, you must first define what a Cottagecore house is. 

You must identify the core aspects and features of a Cottagecore house to know what resources to gather and what to incorporate into your Cottagecore.

Cottagecore houses, as mentioned in various instances in the above sections, have certain aesthetic qualities and characteristics that set them apart from other houses.

Aesthetic qualities and characteristics of a Cottagecore house in Minecraft

  • Vegetation & Foliage – It is an important part of the Cottagecore aesthetic so make sure you incorporate a garden or foliage in your house structure. 
  • Stones – These are one of the core building materials of a Cottagecore house. It is in fact one of those elements that give these kinds of houses their unique aesthetic.
  • Bricks – Just like stones, bricks need to be included when it comes to Cottagecore aesthetics.
  • Wood – It is yet another important element. Parts of your Cottagecore home should feature exposed wood and wooden elements. This can be accomplished by incorporating exposed beams and wooden floors. 
  • Nature-Driven Design – When designing your Cottagecore house in Minecraft, make sure that the entire design is inspired by nature. That your home is surrounded by greenery and beautiful gardens filled with various plants and flowers. The garden does not have to be perfectly designed meaning that the landscaping should be as natural as possible. Incorporate plants into your interior design as well.

Now that you have a fairly clear idea of what a Cottagecore house looks like let’s give you some awesome ideas for Cottagecore houses in Minecraft.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House ideas 

1.  English Cottage

Love a simple home in the countryside? This is a fenced house with a perfect fit for a real cottage. This cottage tends to be a small, cozy home in the countryside. The design is perfect for the house and it appeals to the eye like a real-life village cottage.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

2. House in the Woods

If you’re someone who loves living with nature then this is the best house to create. It is beautiful, and amazing to stay surrounded by woods and this house makes for a perfect place you can ask for after a long tiring day. 

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

3.  Boathouse 

If you imagine having a house near a water body, then this idea is for you. Filled with all the needs and functions it is a perfect house near the waterside. 

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

4. House on a Mountain

Do you enjoy being in the mountains? Then build this snowy mountain residence to experience all the sensations of winter. A mountain house provides a stunning view of the surrounding area.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

5. Flower Cottage

It smells like heaven in a small house with so many gorgeous flowers all around it. A lovely flower-filled home is also the best area for bees to swarm. If you want to brighten up your Minecraft world, make your flower cottage inspired by this.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

6. Aesthetic Cottage

This can be your lovely house in the city that feels both natural and completely furnished.  A perfect place to stay and chill with the spectacular view from the windows and the sit-out patio.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas

7. Wood Cottage

Stunning view and a charming wooden cabin, what more can you ask for? The cottage reminds me of old-fashioned wooden houses. The property has a historical feel about it, with a bright perspective. If you are also a fan of old-fashioned wooden houses do shy away from building one for yourself.

7 Best Cottagecore Minecraft House Ideas


When it comes to building houses in Minecraft, Cottagecore is one of the most popular house-design options. 

One of the reasons for this could be the comfortable feeling and warmth we associate with cottages in our everyday lives. 

If you’ve always desired a Cottagecore house in Minecraft but weren’t sure which style to go with, these 7 should help you out because they are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and close to authentic designs out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of Cottagecore in Minecraft?

The meaning comes from two words- cottage and core. The cottage portrays a country house or a small village house. The word core describes the 80s music scene and is used as a new category or genre. In Minecraft, it means home gardening, flowers, and building anything to live a life in cottages.

What is Cottagecore decor?

It depicts an aesthetic style of describing a rural house style.

Which are the different Cottagecore houses in Minecraft?

Wooden, aesthetic homes, boathouses, houses on mountains, etc. are different Cottagecore houses in Minecraft.

How do you make a cozy cottage in Minecraft?

You can build a Cottagecore house in Minecraft to get a perfect cozy cottage because one of the most important features of Cottagecores is coziness. These houses exude a dreamy, cozy, romantic, fairy-tale-like rural life.

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