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Minecraft Java With Bedrock? Minecraft Crossplay Explained

By Ngo Quang MInh
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When playing Minecraft by ourselves, it can occasionally feel a little lonely and make us wonder if we’ll ever be able to play with our friends instead of just comparing notes with them. Playing with others is considerably more thrilling and allows us to have a lot of fun with our friends and/or family.

However, depending on the platforms we own, we occasionally play various versions and editions among ourselves. Thank goodness, Minecraft is a cross-platform game. Although it depends on the edition, it is still possible to play Minecraft with another player if we know how.

Let’s look at some Minecraft editions before we go through everything you need to know about Minecraft Crossplay today.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Can Minecraft Java be played with Bedrock
image source: Minecraft Wiki

When you buy a copy of this game in this edition, you may not see the word Bedrock. It’s because, in general, this word is omitted, and for the PC console version, it’s only written as “Minecraft for Windows 10” or something similar. Using that one or any other Minecraft version on a console or phone means that you are playing the Bedrock edition.

Minecraft Bedrock Platform List

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is playable on a lot of consoles listed below:

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S and X
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Fire OS/TV
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Samsung Gear VR

By using Minecraft Bedrock Edition you can add your friends and play with them on those platforms above, just make sure that all of you are playing the same Bedrock edition.

Minecraft Java Edition

Can Minecraft Java be played with Bedrock

Even though this version is not playable in Nintendo Switch, Playstation, or Xbox series, currently Minecraft Java edition is the only version available for Mac and Linux users. 

This edition is also known as the original Minecraft.

This version has a lot more to offer as stated by PCGamesN, 

Minecraft Java Platform List

As the original version of Minecraft, this Java edition is not playable on consoles and can only be played on these platforms below:

  • PC/Computer
  • Mac
  • Linux

The platform list for the Java edition is shorter than the one for the Bedrock edition because cross-platform play and multiplayer in the Java edition are a little more complicated than in the Bedrock edition. Nowadays, it is also less widely available than the other mainstream ones.

All About Minecraft Crossplay

Can Minecraft Java be played with Bedrock
image source: Business Insider

Even though both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition support online multiplayer, we need to remember that both use different servers. In other words, Java and Bedrock players can’t play together, as stated by Minecraft. Understanding this is critical for cross-playing whenever we want to play online with friends and/or family. Therefore we need to ensure that we have the same version as our friends before asking them to play online together. Otherwise, we will be disappointed when confronted with reality.


By downloading this plugin, Bedrock players will be able to connect to Java servers, enabling Java/Bedrock cross-play. Nevertheless, there is always a chance that you will use an unofficial plugin. Therefore, make sure you carefully consider your options before deciding.

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