20 Funny Minecraft Memes Of 2022 That Will Crack Anyone Up

By Jasmeet Kaur
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Are you feeling low? 

Do you wish to lift your mood or simply have some fun? 

Then you have arrived at the right place; let’s embark on the adventure of Minecraft Memes. Because what better than a funny meme that completely leaves you in splits. 

Memes have taken over the world as one of the hottest trends and methods for discussing current events via a humorous lens, and Minecraft was no exception. 

Minecraft joined the meme bandwagon a long time ago, and while thousands of memes have been created about the game, we’ve compiled the ultimate meme collection of 20 funny Minecraft memes for you today.

Minecraft Image

But, before we get started, let’s learn more about what a meme really is. 

What is a Meme? 

A meme, according to Wikipedia, is an idea, action, or style that spreads through society through imitation and frequently holds symbolic value signifying a particular phenomenon or issue.

Memes frequently take the form of a photograph or videos. Thanks to social media, memes can be shared. Because everyone finds it relevant and develops a human connection in the digital environment, it becomes a topic of conversation, entertainment, and fun.

Minecraft Memes 

Minecraft has long been a popular game enjoyed by both children and adults. It has been thriving and gaining popularity since its inception. Therefore, it’s inevitable that memes will be created based on this popular game. 

The Minecraft community has always been interested in creating memes to highlight some of the game’s more amusing moments. 

Let us take a look at some of the most popular Minecraft Memes. 

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

1. Steve’s extraordinary ability

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

2. When everyone needs to survive the FIRST MINECRAFT NIGHT!

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

3. Interested in experiencing Minecraft’s nightlife? Do you dare to try?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

4. Do you hear anything?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

5. Can we blame the kid?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

6. Finally, a priceless village!

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

7. The calm before the storm…

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

8. Something to ponder. 

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

9. Are you a Minecraft whiz?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

10. When Minecraft fever is everywhere.

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

11. Only Minecrafters can comprehend this pain.

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

12. True that

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

13. Let’s see where this portal takes us, shall we?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

14. No one can deny it, or can you?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

15. Does it really matter as long as you’re outrunning the mob?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

16. Do you want to relocate?

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

17. Can I have some peace and quiet? I’m looking for some hidden treasures here.

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

18. Indeed that’s a smart move! Explore some free Minecraft Hacked Clients here.

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

19. Don’t undervalue their contribution!

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

20. It’s a rare talent.

20 Funny Minecraft Memes

So, you’re hooked on Minecraft Memes now, aren’t you? 

There are numerous websites where you can find more Minecraft memes and enjoy and share them with fellow Minecrafters.


If you ask anyone in the present world, memes are one of the best inventions as well as a fun method to communicate with individuals who have similar beliefs or interests. 

Memes are approachable and fun because they incorporate comedy, play on words, and inventiveness, making even the most difficult to discuss topics lighter and more accessible to everyone. 

Most of the time, they literally bring your emotion to life. Minecraft memes are no exception. 

Minecraft players undergo a variety of trials and tribulations as well as other adventures that are unique to them.

Making a meme out of such events makes Minecraft more fun and relatable, giving everyone the impression that no Minecraft player is alone on their journey, and that everyone has had these experiences at some point of time in their Minecraft journey.

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