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BrightChamps Introduces RoboChamps: A Path To Robotics For Kids & Other Key Future Technologies

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To a layman, the wordRobotics may appear complex, as do the concepts that go with it. This is due to what the rest of the world knows about the concept of the word and the subject as a whole. 

Which reasons fair because Robotics is a complex field that necessitates a high level of analytical ability. 

Add to that the fact that, until just a decade ago, most people with Ivy league software engineering degrees and outstanding academic records were the face of robotics and other related technologies.

But what if we tell you that all of that has changed? And dramatically for that matter!

Robotics can today be learned by anyone, including children as young as six years old.

Well, it may be hard to believe the first time you hear it but becomes easier to comprehend when we take a step back and have a closer look at the world around us.

Technology has advanced so dramatically that engaging children in complex concepts of science and technology are essential more than ever. In fact, the sooner, the better.

Kids learning robotics

Recognizing the need for children to participate in these complex technologies, BrightChamps introduces Robochamps. 

Robochamps will expose children not only to robotics but also to other important technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and so on.

Despite the fact that BrightChamps is only two years old, they have already made a name for themselves in the EdTech world, and they have now decided to open a new door to the future for children with RoboChamps.

What is RoboChamps

RoboChamps is a fun and interactive platform built especially keeping in mind the fundamental nature of kids and the way they learn. 

A platform that provides kids of grade 3 and above with courses on Robotics and various other technologies like the IoT, AI, Industrial Automations, and everything that keeps technology at the forefront of human evolution.

This is accomplished in a step-by-step process that begins with developing the fundamental concepts of these technologies and then progresses to creativity and innovation.

RoboChamps Website
A glimpse of the RoboChamps website

Every course and module has been carefully designed to accommodate the learner’s pace and understanding. The curriculum is designed to keep children engaged, motivated, and focused on the bigger picture at all times.

RoboChamps, like its parent company BrightChamps, aims to prepare children for real-world technological challenges.

It is designed to turn a child’s curiosity into a hunger for knowledge, which can then be used to equip them with the necessary problem-solving skills for a technologically-dominated future.

RoboChamps was created by people who have spent their lives developing robotics kits and toys for children, as well as applications to teach coding and wirelessly communicate with robots. 

On the other side of the table are experienced teachers, technology veterans, inventors, and people who have built multi-million dollar businesses out of robots and technologies.

These experts want to share their life experiences with children in order to inspire and guide them toward a better future in a technologically dominated era.

One of these individuals is Abhishek Sharma, a stalwart in EdTech and a STEM education expert who is now the head of the RoboChamps division.

Do visit learning programs for kids to learn more about STEM education.

RoboChamps in the news
Coverage Courtesy: The Economic Times

He was previously a co-founder of STEMpedia, where he led the company’s growth to 25x in five years. 

His expertise was put to use in the development of Robochamps, focusing on the curation of a cutting-edge curriculum as well as the establishment and scaling of the vertical in the 30+ countries that BrightChamps currently serves.

Why the need for RoboChamps?

Why is there such a sudden need for children to learn Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and other technologies?

Aren’t there enough experts and innovators already who are doing an excellent job?

Although the answer to both of the preceding questions is a yes, the catch here is that the demand for these professionals is increasing by the day.

According to data, the job market for robotics engineers is expected to grow by 6.4 percent between 2016 and 2026. Over the next ten years, the United States alone will require 12,500 engineers in the field.

So the first reason is the high demand for professionals and innovators in these fields. The second reason is the rapid advancement of technology. 

When a new technology is introduced to the world, professionals are already working on a better one. That gives us an idea of the rate at which technology is progressing. 

As a result, it is critical that our children are familiar and comfortable with the technologies that surround them. More importantly, they must become an integral part of all development and change because they are the future and will be welcoming all upcoming innovations.

Teaching them Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, and other technologies allows them to better understand the world and become active participants in it. 

This will also improve their understanding of core STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) domains and assist them in understanding new world problems thus leading them to develop solutions.

Thirdly, children learn a variety of additional life skills through these courses. 

Robotics, AI, ML, and other technologies necessitate the development of skills such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, leadership, and so on. 

As they become more involved in these fields, they naturally develop these skills. They also improve their organizational, time management, and communication skills.

Innovative thinking is another important skill that children develop as they engage in these subjects and activities. 

All of these skills will be instilled in them for life, and they will be able to apply them easily in their personal lives as well.

It also helps in increasing their focus and concentration. This combined with all of the above-mentioned skills leads to progressive reports academically. 

Not very long ago BrightChamps also took its strides toward teaching financial literacy to kids with the acquisition of Education 10X a financial literacy for kids platform founded in 2020.

BrightCHAMPS acquires Education10x
In the News: Media Coverage of the acquisition of Education10x


BrightCHAMPS has changed the lives of thousands of children worldwide by making coding easily accessible and is a market leader in many areas. 

The multi-million dollar Edtech is back with an all-new completely hands-on program to bring more futuristic opportunities to children.

RoboChamps’ latest program focuses on teaching children important technologies such as robotics, IoT, AI, ML, and so on, to better prepare children for a technologically dominated future.

Their programs are targeted at kids from grades 3 and above focusing on teaching these kids a more pragmatic approach to these technologies.

With the world moving at such a breakneck pace, BrightChamps recognized the need to introduce key life/future skills to children to keep them ahead of the game. 

With a mission to bridge the gap left by traditional education, we are bringing key future skills through specially designed courses on coding, financial literacy and Robotics taught by some of the world’s best minds from top-tier institutes such as IITs and IIMs.

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