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Robotics For Kids: List of 7 Best Resources For Kids in 2022

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Does your kid also show eagerness to try out different things? If yes, you may want to check if your kid wishes to learn robotics. 

Yes, there may have been a time when robotics was to be pursued only by older kids. 

However, now it’s no longer the case. Kids today are increasingly learning about computer science, coding, and robotics. 

Working and exploring robotics helps kids develop creativity and learn about teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving among groups. 

Kids Robotics

It encourages their interactive spirit. Today’s kids learning robotics are problem solvers of tomorrow!

Since Robotics is so in demand, the resources to study Robotics for kids online are also high in number. 

Below are some top learning resources – including educational websites, courses, and toys – that kids can check out to learn robotics.

Top Robotics Resources for Kids

  • RoboCHAMPS

RoboCHAMPS is another verticle of BrightChamps that offers innovative learning programs for kids of grades 3-10

RoboCHAMPS uses PITLES to teach their children. This is a method developed by the RoboCHAMPS’ child psychologists and adapted from other models used in education. It ensures that children learn new things and stay motivated throughout their lessons.

The methods used are devised so as to deliver maximum learning outcomes while keeping the students engaged as well.

RoboCHAMPS offer its curriculum in three different categories – Opportunity ($725.00), Curiosity ($1,525.00) and Perseverance ($3,375.00)

RoboCHAMPS also offers a free demo class along accompanied with a Talent Discovery Certificate to kids.

  • Wonder for Dash & Dot workshop – Wonder Workshop 

A California-based company Wonder Workshop teaches robotics to kids in a fun manner.

Kids from age 8 years and above are eligible to participate in more than 300 challenges to build and create robots. 

It’s a very good hands-on experience for kids to learn. Wonder for Dash & Dot Robots – Apps is also available for download on Google Play  

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) 

NASA is an excellent resource for teaching children about robotics. They provide lesson plans for students and assistance with robotics in space exploration. 

There are numerous videos, guides, projects, competitions, and other resources available for children to explore and learn from.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • Botley the coding robot

For beginner kids who love to explore coding, Building Someone Amazing gives the best experience. 

Children over the age of 5 can use the kits to explore, and it is completely screen-free. Kids can create a variety of projects using logic commands, for example.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • KHAN Academy

Khan Academy provides free education for anyone and anywhere through videos, projects, explainers, etc. 

A wide range of subjects includes robotics video lessons, lego robots, homemade robots, etc.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • Begin Robotics- Future Learn

FutureLearn is a collaboration with the University of Reading, UK. Robotics is a free four-week online course. 

It teaches children about the history of robots and simulates how to build them. With only three hours per week, it is the most flexible and best option for kids to learn robotics.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • Botball

Main Botball | KISS Institute for Practical Robotics is an educational program for kids to engage in robotics. 

The lessons include sessions as well as creative projects for building robots. There are bot-building kits available.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids
  • mBlock

mBlock is a visual drag and drop platform, a bit more advanced than the Scratch platform

Children can design games and program robots. Children can code using blocks as well as Python. It’s a simple platform for learning robotics programming.

7 Best Resources In Robotics For Kids


Although robotics has been around for a long time, robotics for children is only now gaining popularity. Robotics is no longer just a subject for professionals and engineers to learn. 

Children are also introduced to the concept of robotics and taught how to build robots by hand, which encourages problem solving and innovation. 

If you or your child are interested in learning more about robotics, the resources listed above may be useful.

With the world moving at such a breakneck pace, BrightChamps recognized the need to introduce key life/future skills to children to keep them ahead of the game. 

With a mission to bridge the gap left by traditional education, we are bringing key future skills through specially designed courses on coding for kids and financial literacy taught by some of the world’s best minds from top-tier institutes such as IITs and IIMs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By what age do kids start robotics?

Depends on kids as some start at age of 6 while others at the age of 8 or 9.
If a child is keen to learn then definitely according to his age robotics can be learned.

Is robotics a successful career?

Robotics is mentioned as one of the highest professional careers in the world. Many opportunities are available for a good learner in robotics.

Is robotics hard?

The field of robotics is difficult. But, it can be easy if you have the passion to learn.

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