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List of Top & Best Online Classes for Kids in 2022

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Kids are the most energetic, curious, and fickle-minded of all. Introducing them to the right extracurricular activities helps in their growth and also keeps them busy.

These activities also act as the initial steps for building a child’s future. As technology has grown so much, all sorts of classes are available online, which makes it convenient for them to attend and saves so much time as well.

These classes can be adjusted to children’s schedules very easily.


Some of the Best Online Classes for Kids:

1. Online Coding Class

Every parent wants to keep their children ahead of others. Coding for kids is something that helps them to achieve this advantage. This multi-beneficial skill acts as a bridge to introduce your child to a whole new world of opportunity.

With countless benefits, coding makes your kids future-ready. It also gives your kids the power to build their apps, mobile games, websites, and more. 

Explore more about coding classes for kids.

Best Outschool Classes

As the simple rule of coding says, breaking down the problem into simpler parts and addressing them one by one. This method helps the kids to learn and use logic and thinking to solve various difficulties and problems. 

So, if you are looking for coding classes for your kid, register at BrightChamps for a free demo class. 

Websites where kids can learn coding:

  1. BrightCHAMPS
  2. WhitehatJr
  3. HackerKID

2. Online Magic Classes

Magic tricks attract children the most. Every child wants to learn magic tricks to amuse their family and friends. Apart from learning tricks, kids always stay curious to learn the logic behind these tricks and how they are performed.

Having a good Instructor who can teach the fundamentals of magic performance requires a minimal supply. Here we can learn a new trick, to perform theatrically and convincingly.   

Websites where kids can learn magic tricks:

  1. Udemy
  2. Total Kids MAGIC
  3. Magic4Children

3. Online Photography Class 

Photography classes are an excellent choice for those kids who have an artistic vision. Learning photography from professional photographers is an interesting activity. The kids’ photography class covers the concepts of photography basics, camera operation, and the use of light.

Having a camera is the basic requirement for attending photography classes. 

Websites where kids can learn photography:

  1. Udemy
  2. Kids Photography Academy
  3. The Outback Experience
  4. Domestika

4. Personal Online Finance Classes 

This class is perfect for those kids who take a keen interest in money and finances. Apart from those kids, this class is a good option to introduce your kids to finances and budgeting.

Online Finance Literacy for Kids

Here the kids will learn many things like money management for kids Saving and Budgeting, Taxes, and even Paying for College. Education10x offers a free trial for financial literacy class so make sure to check that out

Websites where kids can learn Finance:

  1. Education 10X
  2. Udemy
  3. MoneyTime

5. Cooking Class 

For kids who love to create new recipes, cooking classes are perfect for them. Cooking classes have multiple tutors in them, which ensures children are receiving sufficient attention.  

Websites where kids can learn cooking:

  1. Food Literacy Center
  2. The Kids Table
  3. The Dynamite Shop
  4. Tiny Chefs

6. Online Abacus Classes for Kids

This century-old method of performing mathematical calculations gives your child an edge.

Best Outschool Classes

The abacus not only improves the speed of mathematical calculations but also improves memory, concentration, listening, Visualization, and creativity. So, it is the best online class for kids. 

Websites where kids can learn abacus:

  1. Smart Kids Abacus
  2. Roots Abacus
Learn Roblox Studio Free

7. Online Music Classes

Best Outschool Classes

Music is one of the activities which creates a fun atmosphere. Not only does the musician enjoy it but it also makes the listeners happy. Music is even used as therapy for many patients.

It helps in kids’ brain development, and focus, decreases tension, and it improves their social abilities. So, these are the best kids’ online classes that can be taken. 

Websites where kids can learn music:

  1. FSM Buddy
  2. WhiteHatJr

8. Online Art Classes  

For kids who enjoy playing with colors, art classes are the best for them. It is an amazing way for kids to express their thoughts in the form of paintings and drawings.

Best Outschool Classes

Art classes even improve concentration and focus and help them to relieve stress. As a result, they are relieved to have an art class after school.    

 Websites where kids can learn art:

  1. Udemy
  2. Art Beat
  3. Artsy Craftsy

9. Public Speaking 

For children with bold personalities, these classes are the best for them as the public speaking classes teach kids a proper way to express their thoughts in front of a large audience.

Apart from that it also makes kids more interactive, and confident and improves their social skills.

Public Speaking for kids has the core elements of public speaking and the ways to boost confidence on stage, manage fears, eye contact, hand gesture, body language, and much more.  

Websites where kids can learn Public Speaking:

  1. Udemy
  2. Planet Spark

10. Online Entrepreneurship Classes

Entrepreneurship classes help the kids to understand the basics of building a business and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. So, the basic things the kids will get to know about entrepreneurship are the concepts of business plans, marketing plans, business budgeting, and more.  

Websites where kids can learn to become Entrepreneur:

  1. Udemy
  2. PrincetonHive

11. Online Forensic Science Course 

A perfect option for those kids who are attracted to solving cases and mysteries. How the crime scenes are judged and the process of collecting evidence. This is an amazing course for those kids who aspire to become detectives or scientists.

Here the kids will learn about the mysterious case studies, covering a variety of techniques for analyzing the evidence. Along with all this, kids will get to solve real-life cases like the Zodiac Killer or Jack the Ripper which will give them a chance to put their new expertise to test. 

Websites where kids can learn Forensic Science Courses:

  1. Future Learn
  2. Outschool

12. Online AI Explorers Classes

A global educational startup helps to instruct elementary, middle, and high school kids in the fundamentals of Computer Science, coding, and beyond.

AI Explorers classes are an exciting, high-tech series of classes that help kids to take a tour of one of the most important technologies of our life, Artificial Intelligence.

AI for Kids

Here the kids will learn how to build games, and learn about the theory behind how Machine Learning algorithms are developed. 

Websites where kids can learn AI:

  1. Create&Learn
  2. Codevidhya

13. Mystery Science’s Class 

An unusual class for kids to attend is the Mystery Science class. In this, kids will learn engineering and scientific skills through fun activities by discovering how we can choose materials for everyday objects and exploring the basics of matter. 

Websites where kids can learn Mystery Science:

  1. Mystery Science
  2. Teacher Central


It is important to keep children engaged in different activities. Children are fast learners so they do not take much time grasping new things.

The above-mentioned activities are some of the fun and beneficial online classes for kids which will help them to increase their focus and concentration and make them more skillful as they are all online, it will also save their commute time and they can attend these classes from any part of the world.

To learn more about fun activities for children, do check out the articles on the BrightCHMAPS blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of online classes?

It is more convenient and saves commute time which allows us to balance our school work and family.

Are online classes the future?

It helps to set up a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda so it allows for a better balance of work and studies, hence no need to give anything up.

Is online learning better than the classroom?

Online learning enables students to take courses on a computer from anywhere in the world, and have freedom and customization options that make online learning a great alternative to the traditional classroom environment.

How can we save time in online classes?

It helps to take classes from their own space, rather than moving with the space of the classroom.

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