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Hackathons are where your crazy ideas become a reality. It’s an experience where you can feel excited, nervous, rushed, motivated, tired, passionate, and enlightened.

BrightChamps organizes Meta Hackathons, exciting events that combine elements of hackathons and robotics for kids.. During these innovative competitions, young participants can showcase their coding and robotics skills, collaborate with peers, and tackle real-world challenges in a creative and engaging atmosphere.

June 4th, 1999 is a special date for us in tech. That’s the day the first-ever hackathon was conducted. Fast forward to 2021, and hackathons have exploded in popularity around the world, and there’s no reason for kids to not indulge in them.

Before diving into the blog, You can check out the video.

Watch the entire event in action!

Sneak Peek to MetaHack – Metaverse Hackathon

MetaHack is the first-of-its-kind hackathon with a futuristic vision set in the metaverse for kids aged 6 to 16. 10,000+ kids from 30+ countries exchanged their ideas, learned from each other, and competed with each other over the course of 3 days. Real-world problems were attempted to be solved using technology.

Metahack is where ideas become a reality, the unthinkable is achieved and disruptive solutions are born. In July, SmartKid hosted its hackathon ‘Metahack’, in partnership with BrightChamps and RoboChamps where our young minds were required to present solutions to problem statements using technology. 

Moments from MetaHack

Most thrilling 72 hours of Metahack! 

Choosing from a list of grade-appropriate coding platforms like (Scratch/ Thunkable/ HTML/ Canva/ Tinkercad/ Python) to code, students needed to submit a solution project for the chosen platform in order to participate in the challenge.

Moments from MetaHack

The event took place virtually on Smartverse and the ideas that flowed were downright crazy and brilliant. 

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with thousands of like-minded kids from across the world also came with lifetime access to metaverse experience and tips and tricks from experts.

On the very first day of Metahack, Hackathon Problem Statement was revealed to students from all time zones where they were given 60 hours to make a functioning project. Following this, an ice-breaker session full of activities, introductions, and interactions was organized for students to understand the problem statement and explore the arena.

Moments from MetaHack

On the following day, students were further guided on the problem statement and an app design fundamentals class for beginners in coding was organized where they designed an app using A brief discussion on practice problems and coding concepts also took place, winding the second day of Metahack perfectly.

The day ended with a fantastic coding fundamentals class for beginners, a brief discussion on practice problems, and coding concepts which helped them make their own game with Scratch Programming.

Day 3 began with a wonderful workshop on Robotics fundamentals and after getting some last-minute tips on their project submissions, students bid farewell to their friends from the metaverse.

MetaHack Champs

Amazing energy, creativity, and innovation were reflected in the project submissions from students across the world. Our proud winners from the categories Coding Yoda, Coding Jedi, and Coding Sensei displayed great enthusiasm and inventiveness while climbing their way up in the championship. 

MetaHack Champs

M. Adnan Yousaf from Pakistan, Francis Edward Saputra from Indonesia, and Tushar from Malaysia were the respective category winners who won Robotic kits, medals, and certificates. 

But what was truly worth it was the spirit that was shared by these students competing from across the globe and the invaluable experience that was gathered by them in the span of three days.

See the full list of winners here!


In a world of constant creation, hackathons are a gust of fresh air for those who dare to create what hasn’t been created, to have a new perspective and try something new and different, and to break out of one’s shell and push the envelope of one’s skills. 

Watch the entire event in action!

Events like these are so important for kids to develop a sense of originality and innovation from a young age and Metahack fulfills this!

The futuristic vision that Metahack provides to all of its candidates challenges them to apply their knowledge toward practical solutions to real-world problems. 

The biggest takeaway for our students from Metahack is that the future is there for those who dare to believe, dream, and build. We hope you take those first steps and go on to build transformative tech for our communities and the world!

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