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These 30 Kid Coders Won $10K Prizes at CodeDecode, BrightCHAMPS’ First-Ever Global Hackathon

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If today equipping kids with futuristic technology is being acknowledged, BrightChamps is certainly at the forefront of that movement.

There is no denying that in just nearly two years, BrightChamps has proven to be a place that identifies the necessary next-gen skills and delivers them to children. 

The EdTech startup has left no stone unturned to make these skills accessible to kids all over the world. While the offered online learning classes are one way they achieve this, they also never fall short in organizing various fun-filled and challenge-driven activities for children. 

BrightChamps recently held a global hackathon with the same zeal, taking another step to truly immerse the children in whatever they are learning. We offers coding classes for kids that prepare them for exciting challenges like hackathons. Through these classes, children can develop their coding skills and collaborate with peers, gaining valuable experience and confidence in programmin

The name of this global hackathon was <Code/Decode> and it marks the beginning of what will be a quarterly event going forward.

 CodeDecode  was a completely virtual event held on 26th and 27th March. Over 3,000+ students from across the globe i.e 30+ geographies between the ages of 6 to 16 participated.

Kids took part in a coding competition across 10 categories, depending on their grade and skill level.

On a broader scale, children were divided into three groups.

  • Little Champs (Grade 1-3),
  • Junior Champs (Grade 4-6), and
  • Senior Champs (Grade 7 and above),

which is also a common categorization in the regular BrightChamps curriculum.

This two-day event was jam-packed with fun-learning interactive sessions in addition to being a competition. Other activities included fireside talks and debates about technological innovations, as well as masterclasses.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this Hackathon is that even participation was difficult for these qualified 3000+ kids.

They had to compete even before the hackathon to secure a spot and pay with their skills. This required them to complete a series of skill-based activities & tasks assigned by their teachers, over a period of one month. 

Like any other competition-based event, CodeDecode  also brought along huge prices for the winners of the competition as well as those who stood out in various other activities.

The prizes up for grabs were worth $10,000 which included MacBooks, iPads, Tablets, Robotics Kits, and various other gears.

The kids demonstrated their abilities as they worked their coding magic to create some of the most interesting projects.

Whether it was Scratch, Thunkable, Python,, or any other coding platform or programming language, they stood up to every challenge in each of these platforms showcasing their acquired skills and full potential. 

BrightChamps Hackathon
Display of projects at the Hackathon

Each project stood out in its own right. While some had brilliant ideas and concepts behind them, others stood out for design, the overall effect demonstrated how in tune these kids were with whatever they were learning and their desire to be a part of the future’s technology and innovation.

In addition to bringing a competitive spirit among the kids, CodeDecode also brought kids from various backgrounds and parts of the world together, making it a very global yet close-knit experience for the kids. It would not be wrong to say that their love for coding transcended all barriers. 

 BrightChamps Hackathon
BrightChamp’s Educator moderating the Hackathon

Thanks to this, macro event kids not only got to put their skills to the test but they also were able to gain a huge boost of confidence and motivation, resulting in self-belief.

And, yeah, of course, bragging rights!

This global hackathon CodeDecode surely has opened a new chapter for BrightChamps. In the coming days, CodeDecode will represent not only BrightChamps as an organization, but also the BrightChamps kids, their talent, and potential. 

BrightChamps Hackathon
Project showcase by one of the students on Thunkable at Hackathon

The vision of Ravi Bhushan, Founder & CEO of BrightCHAMPS, to make CodeDecode  a global technological carnival cum hackathon for kids, certainly feels achievable, as the common thread that bound kids and the organization in the first <Code/Decode>  was passion. 

Passion to outperform oneself. Passion to make a difference.

Winners in the Little Champs Category 🏆

NamePlatformPositionProject Link
Raisa Roushin Rashed PrimaScratch Global FirstClick to See
DanishScratch Global SecondClick to See
Jatan J Brahmbhattcode.orgGlobal Third Click to See
Kivan First Click to See
Fairel Silvio, ScratchSecondClick to See
Ziad Magdy Hassancode.orgThirdClick to See
Keisha Adeline MakaradingScratchFirstClick to See
Harsheetaa Pravin KumarScratchSecondClick to See
Salman Nuna PutraScratchThirdClick to See

Winners in the Junior Champs Category 🏆

NamePlatformPositionProject Link
IshleenScratch Global FirstClick to See
SuryanshThunkableGlobal SecondClick to See
Samuel OyekanThunkableGlobal Third Click to See
Liam Kristoff K. NicolScratchFirst Click to See
Hanif Abiyu Al IslamiScratchSecondClick to See
Aaron SajeevScratchThirdClick to See
Dominick Steven TionoThunkableFirstClick to See
PrasadThunkableSecondClick to See
Dahayu Wening AdmiraThunkableThirdClick to See
Micah Pio AngeloTinkercadFirstClick to See
Aquilla Fatih AlfantoTinkercadSecondClick to See
Isaac Lim Yuen JieTinkercadThirdClick to See

Winners in the Senior Champs Category 🏆

NamePlatformPositionProject Link
ReshmaThunkable Global FirstClick to See
James BenyaminThunkableGlobal SecondClick to See
Jaimie SinghPythonGlobal Third Click to See
Darshd MaranThunkableFirst Click to See
Clement Eurwyn TedjaThunkableSecondClick to See
Adam BrahimThunkableThirdClick to See
Ishitha RiyadPythonFirstClick to See
Rayyan BudilaksanaPythonSecondClick to See
Shardul PatilPythonThirdClick to See

Watch the Hackathon in action!

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