Best Ways To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time During Online Classes

By Maheen Shariff
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The alarming kids screen time is not a new issue, adults have been concerned about it for many years.

The majority of evidence shows that prolonged use of computer screens or mobile devices is linked to eye strain, trouble falling asleep, and a host of other problems.

But, now that the pandemic has shuttered many schools and colleges, children are adding dozens of hours of screen time each week as they learn remotely.

Limiting screen time for kids isn’t always easy in today’s screen-filled world but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

This article discusses how to limit the amount of time children spend on digital screens during online classes.

Why Should We Reduce Screen Time for Kids?

Before we get into the specific ways to limit screen time for kids, it’s important to understand why we should limit screen time in the first place. Because it is critical to understand the problem before attempting to solve it.

Some of the reasons why we should limit screen time for kids are;

● Exposure to blue light before or during bedtime can potentially cause sleep disturbance. 

● Children could go on to develop a disorder that is much like an addiction to gaming or technology. 

● Kids may face negative academic consequences. 

How To Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time During Online Classes

Here are some tips parents can use to decide how much screen time is reasonable for their kids. 

1. Eliminate Passive Screen Time As Much As Possible

When it comes to the apps that children use, some internet materials are more important than others.

The worst use of technology for children of all ages is passive screen time, which involves very little engagement.

1.Kids Routine

Passive means that the children are not interacting with or learning anything from the content; learning videos on YouTube are an example of passive screen time. 

Eliminate passive screen time in favor of more valuable activities such as reading worksheets or learning games.

2. Plan Outdoor Trips

There is no better way to limit kids screen time on technology with a refreshing outdoor trip like walks. 

Even if the weather is bad, don’t let it stop your kids from getting fresh air each day. 

2.Kids in school

Plan time spent outdoors into your everyday routines. The key is to make it consistent and to leave the electronics at home. 

3. After School Screen Time

After school hours, what does your child do to relax? If they are more into playing online games and watching TV. then you need to rethink your child’s after-school routine and reduce kids screen time.

4.Activity with kids

Find activities that don’t use technology to help your child unwind and relax. Utilise parental settings to restrict screen time when it is not necessary and take control of their gadgets.


When all classes went online during the pandemic, parents were faced with the nearly impossible task of managing their children’s learning. And the situation hasn’t completely changed; the pandemic remains unprecedented. 

Try using the above-mentioned tips to limit your children’s screen time during online classes. 

If we want to prevent our kids from falling behind in their education and maintain their health, we must strike a balance between the time they spend on screens and other activities.

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