Meowscles Fortnite: How To Find Them, Their Evolution, Outfit & More
In Battle Royale, Meowscles is an Epic Outfit that can be acquired by reaching Level 60 of the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. This Outfit comes with the Swole Cat Emote.  Concept art shows Meowscles, formerly known as Buff Cat, as a strong humanoid cat with the...
List of All Battle Bus Locations in Fortnite [2022 Edition]
Battle buses have been a part of Fortnite since the beginning. They fly through the sky and drop off players on the island below while party music plays. But Fortnite players can now take control of a Fortnite Battle Bus for the first time during a battle royale, and...
Forage Bouncy Eggs locations in Fortnite
Festive occasions are a suitable time to introduce new features and items to the popular multiplayer game, Epic Games' Fortnite. As Easter is all about hunting eggs, last Easter, Fortnite came forward with a new item called "a bouncy egg." This legendary quest was...
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