Top and best Coding Bootcamps for Kids and Teens

Top and best Coding Bootcamps for Kids and Teens

By Muskan Bansal
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Coding is a kind of algorithm and language that can help us to create games, mobile apps, websites, smart cars, sensors, and many more things that make our work easy and what a person loves.  

Coding Bootcamps are a type of course or programme that can teach a person specific technical skills in order for them to gain a better understanding and learn. 

It helps a kid learn many programming skills and technologies in a short time period. The aim of Coding Bootcamp for teens and employees is to teach tech skills and the required skills for the job. It helps them get a good job and career advancement without spending many years obtaining a college degree. 

Coding bootcamps can be from 5 to 30 weeks or more than that. It depends on different bootcamps, skills, subject matter, or companies.

Types of Coding Bootcamps 

  1. Full-time Coding Bootcamp – full-time coding Bootcamp requires up to 60-80 hours per week over a three to eight months time period. These Bootcamps are quite expensive as well. 
  2. Part-time Coding Bootcamp – this is best for those who have less time for any reason (it might be schooling or an already existing job). This is less expensive, and it requires 20 to 30 hours per week. 
  3. Online coding Bootcamp – online coding Bootcamp is more flexible and affordable. It requires 10 to 15 hours, which can be spent according to your location.  

Ways to find the best Bootcamp for you 

  1.  Basic knowledge and Understanding – it’s really important for an organization to teach about the basics first. For a good foundation, this is the most crucial aspect. You can learn the coding, but before that, you have to understand the problem you are trying to solve, and you have to think of a solution to that problem.
  2. Right Language – many people think that coding is difficult to understand and learn, but that’s not true, for learning to code you have to start from the beginning and from basic languages such as JavaScript and Python. These languages are easy to understand and manage. 
  3. Learn with Fun – in boot camps, they teach many fun activities and projects that can help your kid to learn coding with fun, and they will love doing the projects. You can get a coding tool kit for your kid as well that has many components in it, so they can create fun projects by themselves. 
  4. Learning Together – In Bootcamps, your kid can learn with many other children of the same age with the same interests, asking the same kind of questions and sharing their ideas with each other. They feel more comfortable around them and for asking for help as well. A little fun competition is also a good way to learn. 

Important terms to Remember 

In today’s time, we have many Coding Bootcamps options that can help your kid to learn a specific skill set, but before you join any Bootcamp you have to remember some important things, which are listed below –  

  1. Time-Period 
  2. Curriculum 
  3. Cost  
  4. Return on Investment 
  5. Flexible Payment Option 
  6. Skill Set 
  7. Accessibility 

Top Coding Bootcamp for Kids and Teens 

  1. Scratch Ninja 
  2. Minecraft Modding Quest 
  3. Junior Robotics 
  4. Internet Safety for Kids 
  5. Unity Game Development 
  6. Python for AI 
  7. Website Coding Class 
  8. App Academy 
  9. Bloc 
  10. Coding Dojo 
  1. Scratch Ninja 

Scratch is the best platform from where you can start learning before getting involved in messy code-typing. Scratch is basically a block-based programming language. In this Bootcamp, kids can create games, animations, and interactive stories within their first session. 

  1. Minecraft Modding Quest 

In this Coding Bootcamp, teens will take control of agents to solve puzzles and talk to different characters in the game. It teaches them the core concepts of coding, like loops, conditions, events, variables, operations, functions, variables, and many more. 

  1. Junior Robotics 

It teaches kids how coding is applied in robotics through fun and gaming with hands-on projects. They will get to understand how robots work, how to navigate robots in a virtual environment, and how robots can be used to solve problems in the real world. 

  1. Internet Safety for Kids 

In this Bootcamp, kids will learn about internet safety. They can find many topics related to computer security and privacy. Because in today’s time, kids are using the internet more than ever before, it’s important to teach them what they need to share and not. This Bootcamp teaches them about privacy and security issues with the help of fun activities, videos, and games, and they build their own projects as well. 

  1. Unity Game Development 

This Bootcamp will teach kids about the core concepts and techniques of developing both 2D and 3D games in Unity

  1. Python for AI 

Python for AI is deemed one of the top Coding Bootcamps for kids and teens in 2022. If your kid is interested in logic and learning to code, then Python is a good choice for them. Basically, Python is a text-based programming language, and with this, kids can create animations using text-based coding and other projects as well. 

  1. Website Coding Classes 

It will give you an understanding of working on the WWW (World Wide Web). This one-on-one class will teach you everything from creating web pages to creating your own websites and understanding the concept of the internet. kids can create with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc

  1. App Academy 

It is based in New York City and is remote. This programme starts at $17,000. Here, you learn the skills needed to get a job as a software engineer. App Academy teaches different programming languages like Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React/Redux, SQL, and HTML/CSS.  

  1. Bloc 

Bloc offers a convenient and flexible coding bootcamp. In this, you can learn web development and design. This programme starts at $9,500 and it will give you the certainty of a career and guarantee your money back. It is available as full-time, part-time, or self-paced as well. 

  1. Coding Dojo 

This bootcamp gives you courses for cybersecurity, full-stack development, UX/UI design, software development, and data science as well. It is a fully online course, and it offers full-time as well as part-time courses. This programme starts at $8,745. 

Jobs you can get after completing Bootcamp  

  • User Experience Designer 
  • Product Manager 
  • Web developer 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Technical Help Desk Specialist 
  • Front End Web Developer 
  • Back End Web Developer 
  • Full Stack Web Developer 
  • QA and Test Engineer 


Learning to code is difficult and challenging at one point, but when you start learning, it will be easy day by day, and it is really important to ensure that which particular Bootcamp is good for you. This article will give you an idea of how boot camps work and what skills they teach teens and children. To learn more about coding Bootcamp, check out the latest blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page.

To get your hands on more educational and free resources on coding for kids, financial education for kids, and robotics for kids do check out the BrightCHAMPS Page now!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding Bootcamps are short-term courses that teach technical skills to kids and teens.

Which subjects are covered?

Coding concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, web development, and many more. It depends on every Bootcamp.

Do you need a college degree to apply?

No, it’s not required to have a degree.

Is Bootcamp worth it?

Only you can decide if it is a good choice for you or not, but for ease, you can consider “the important thing to remember” in mind.

Which is the best coding Bootcamp?

To determine this you can go through some factors like cost, length, technologies they teach, job placement, student reviews, etc.

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