Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About

Top Free Roblox Templates Users Should Know About

By Jasmeet Kaur
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One of the many easy and fun ways to learn to code these days is through game design. 

This approach of learning to code can be entertaining and exciting for kids since their imagination at their age goes all the way from dinosaurs to aliens. 

Roblox is one of the best tools for learning how to code and build games.

Roblox is a paradise for young users who want to bring their imaginations to life. 

With the aid of Roblox, individuals may develop and play the games they have always wanted to create in a world where invention and creativity are in their prime.

Roblox Studio

In this blog, we will discuss one of the basics of game design in Roblox, the Templates. In addition to these, I’ll also tell you about some of the go-to websites for free Roblox Templates resources.

Roblox offers free templates to beginners to help them get started. These templates can serve as jumping-off points for their games. Let’s look closer at where we can get these free Roblox templates. 

How to access these free templates

Login to Roblox Studio 

If you have Roblox Studio installed on your computer, click the Roblox Studio shortcut on your desktop. You can visit the Roblox website if you have not yet installed Roblox Studio. 

Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About
Image: Roblox Studio Login Page

After entering your username and password, you will be directed to the Roblox Studio Screen, which includes the section “All Templates,” from which you can select any template and use it in your game.

Choose and/or modify the template that corresponds most closely to your game’s concept. You can start from scratch by selecting the Baseplate template if your preferred template is unavailable.

Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About
Image: Roblox Studio Templates
Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About
Image: Baseplate Template
Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About
Image: Village Template

Top Free Resources for Roblox

Now that we know a bit about free templates let us look at other free resources that can help take your project from 0 to 100. These resources include everything you may need while creating a Roblox template and project, i.e. from animations to sounds and even icons.

1. Animation Resources 

In addition to the animations you can create on Roblox, you can import them from other platforms such as Blender or install plugins such as Moon Animator 2. 

You can watch their YouTube tutorials and learn more about them.

Top Free Resources For Templates Every Roblox User Should Know About

Another site with high-quality collections of 3D characters is Adobe’s Mixamo. Check out their website; it has a library of Motion Captured Animations that you can download in any format you need. 

2. Icon Resources 

If you need icons and buttons for your game, you can visit the flaticon and Opengameart websites. Aside from that, Uxwing includes a plethora of icons that are both useful and important. 

Some other websites from which you can get icons for your games are icons8, material icons, etc. To get unlimited game assets, you can visit the Kenny website. 

Not only that, but you can use Canva to create your icons. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your creativity.

3. Sound Resources 

For free sound effects and a royalty-free music library, you can use sounds by ZapSplat. Just don’t forget to give them credit. and are two more websites where you can find free sounds. 

More information regarding these resources can be found in this thread. 

Tip: To create design templates for Roblox Clothes, you can visit 


Awesome! In this article, we discussed various free Roblox template resources that can be used to create games in Roblox. 

If you want to improve your Roblox games, go to these websites and use the resources that suit your needs and preferences. Remember to give them credit!

Please let me know if you used them for any of your projects. Have fun exploring! Also, if you are looking to learn about robotics, do check out robotics for kids near me!

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