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Computer Full Form And 15 Computer Facts Everyone Should Know About

By Muhammad Bobby Eldion
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What is a computer? 

Computer? What person hasn’t heard of a computer? 

A computer can be found in every home. Do you think every human knows everything there is to know about computers? We don’t believe everyone is aware.

Some people keep trying to say that a computer is an acronym that stands for something. It has been on the internet for the longest time that there is a computer full form

Is that even real? Is there any Computer Full Form? The answer is no! it’s a big NO. 

The word Computer is derived from the word compute, which means to calculate. A computer’s primary function is to compute something. Wait! So a simple calculator could be considered a computer?

It all depends on how we perceive computers. A computer does more than just perform basic mathematical operations and generate random numbers.

What exactly is a regular number? We call the numbers we normally use in our daily lives decimal numbers. 

Computer Monitor

Other than the decimal, there are many other numbers, such as binary and hex. Why does the computer require those numbers? Because a computer is a machine, we need something to assist the computer in better understanding our language.

Inside The Computer 

How define something as a computer? To do so, we must first look inside the computer. A full-fledged computer will include a motherboard, a video graphics card, random access memory, and storage. 

The mainboard of a computer is called the Motherboard because it gives commands and looks after the other components. Nowadays, most people build their own computers (PC). 

People don’t always know what to choose and which components to use to build a computer that meets their needs. 

If you are interested in computers and want to expand your interest more we have compiled some of the most interesting computer facts.

15 Amazing Computer Facts

  1. The History of Computer 

The first computer was built in 1822, and Charles Babbage developed it. Unlike modern computers, older computers were bulkier. It weighed around 700 pounds. 

Computers now weigh only seven to ten kilograms. Even today, they have discovered a smaller version of it, which we call a laptop.

1st Generation Computer Image
1st Generation Computer

If it were 1822, you might need to put your computer in one of your rooms. 

Compare that to a laptop computer? You can even place it beside your pillow to accompany you while you sleep.

  1. The Video Graphic Card Hype 

VGA or the Video Card, people are hunting for these items. The only question is why? 

A motherboard already has its own graphics card, but some computers require additional assistance to run. What kind of assistance? 

There are several processes on a motherboard. Such as data transmission, power distribution, and, last but not least, computation (counting). Motherboard, on the other hand, is completely helpless whenever it transmits data and generates a visualization for the user.

The VGA is the only thing that could help. People have been lining up for VGA in recent years. Do they require it? They require it for their computer.

They need VGA to build a mining system so they can produce or make their own bitcoin. Is BTC (bitcoin) so worth it to be mined? The answer is YES. If you had only 10 bitcoins, you could buy the newest supercar and even buy a nice mansion. 

  1. Miss concept of RAM and Storage 

People frequently misunderstand RAM and storage. They believe that the more storage they have, the faster the computer will process everything. 

Parts Of Computer

The truth is that RAM functions similarly to our brain when we are thinking about something at the time. We already know about storage, but we don’t give it much thought at the time.

  1. RGB Computer Devices 

RGB, or Red Green Blue, is a basic color used in computers to combine colors.

People who use computers to play games (GAMER) use RGB aura to decorate their rooms and computer devices. They believe that the RGB ambiance will improve gaming focus.

  1. Operating System War 

Some people believe that the unending debate of which operating system is the best will lead to World War IV. There are two major computer operating systems: Mac OS and Windows. 

Mac OS is designed specifically for Apple computers, whereas Windows is designed by Microsoft for general-purpose computers. 

According to experts, Mac OS is better suited for design and video editing, whereas Windows is better suited for programming, gaming, and computer iteration.

  1. The Best Way to Prevent Virus 

People are concerned whenever they insert a new flash drive or a flash drive that has been used in a public computer. 

They are concerned that their flash drive will become infected with viruses. A virus is essentially a program. The program will never run unless we run it. 

So the simplest way to avoid the virus is to avoid clicking on suspicious files, and we can also disable auto-run from the settings or control panel. 

The most common cause of viruses created in flash drives is auto-run.

  1. Outdated Computer 

People believe that a high-spec computer is the best option. They forget that computers are constantly updated. Not only in terms of software, but also in terms of hardware. 

The LGA connector for the processor is not always the same. As a result, whenever we purchase a computer product, we must purchase the most recent version, even if it has lower specifications. So, on another day, we can also upgrade our computer with the most recent peripheral.

  1. Gold Mine in a Computer? 

Some videos demonstrate how to scratch your old processor and extract gold from it. Cooper is used in the majority of electronic components. Processors require high-quality materials to transmit a large amount of data quickly, so manufacturers use gold to connect some substrates in processors.

  1. The danger of Blue Light 

This is an old computer user problem. Fortunately, in the most recent operating system, we can always toggle the blue light filter on and off. 

To avoid the light, we can also wear anti-blue light glasses.

  1. GPU Classes 

GPU has class and serial as well. The more recent the GPU, the higher the number of its type. Remember.


The higher the class of the GPU, the higher the price. For example, the NVIDIA GPU GTX 1050 has a GPU class of 5 and a serial number of 10. 

However, high-end GPUs, such as the RTX 3090, may be prohibitively expensive; their serial number is 30 and it is already class 9.

  1. 1st Computer in Space 

The Gemini Guidance Computer, invented by IBM Federal Systems Division, was the first computer in space. 

However, the Apollo 11 program includes a computer known as the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). 

  1. Military Grade Computer 

ASUS Technology is a major player in the computer industry. They marketed their military-grade laptop as a gaming machine. It’s known as the TUF Gaming version.

  1. SSD Vs HDD 

Many people still don’t understand the distinction between the two. SSDs, or Solid State Drives, function similarly to flash drives and are significantly faster than HDDs.

Parts Of Computer

However, some articles claim that SSDs have a data transmission limit. HDD, or Hard Drive Disk, as the name implies, contains a small disk. 

They can’t work in some situations; for example, if your surface vibrates at some point, your computer may stop working.

  1. Computer Programming Time to Time 

The first programming was done with binary numbers, and they also used assembly programming to do so. 

Scratch Block Coding

It is extremely difficult for people in general. There are numerous programming languages available, including Pascal, C++, Python, and Java.

  1. Computer for Kids 

Computers can be very beneficial to children. Nowadays, children can learn a lot about programming by using platforms such as Scratch, CODE, Edu block, and others.

There are numerous courses available online that can provide lessons. Brigthchamps, for example, offers a variety of lessons for students of all ages.

Also, you can check out computer classes for kids.


The computer is one of the greatest human inventions that has completely altered the course of human evolution in terms of technology

Most of what we do nowadays is entirely dependent on computer technology. As a result, it is even more critical that people have adequate computer knowledge and information. 

This article was all about computers, and we talked about what a computer is and why it’s important

We also went over the components of a computer and how they work so that you have a better understanding of computers.

With the world moving at such a breakneck pace, BrightChamps recognized the need to introduce key life/future skills to children to keep them ahead of the game. 

With a mission to bridge the gap left by traditional education, we are bringing key future skills through specially designed courses on coding and financial literacy taught by some of the world’s best minds from top-tier institutes such as IITs and IIMs.

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