What is Animation Weight and How to Use It

Roblox 101: What is RobloAnimation Weight and How to Use It?

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Roblox is a platform that offers a world of endless possibilities for game development and creativity. It allows users to not only create games but also to customize their avatars, items, and animations. One essential element that helps bring these creations to life is Roblox Animation Weight.

Animation Weight is a critical feature that determines how an animation blends with other animations in Roblox. It affects the smoothness, speed, and overall appearance of an avatar’s movements.

In this blog, we will dive into the world of Animation Weight, understand its importance, and explore how to use it effectively to enhance your game’s quality and visual appeal.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this blog will provide you with valuable insights into the world of Animation Weight in Roblox. We will discuss a popular 3-D game called Roblox and its animation weight, but first, let us learn what a 3D game is.

What is a 3-Dimensional Game? 

A 3-Dimensional game is a game feature that consists of three dimensions of an index, which are the X, Y, and Z indexes. A three-dimensional game necessitated more detail in the design of the world, animation, and logic of the game’s conditions.

Today, 3-D games are now at the top of the list for almost every gamer on the planet. It is because these games provide them with the best experience as well as a better challenge, almost giving them a realistic feel rather than one of playing a game.

The experience of playing a realistic and challenging game encourages gamers to feel the nuance of creating one, allowing them to create their world according to their own rules and how the game runs.

It encourages them to bring their imaginary world to life i.e. in the form of a new world they create in the game. And, as the trend of turning their world into a game grows, so does the development of game-builder software.

And that is what gave birth to Roblox, a user-friendly, open-source, and free platform.

What is Roblox? 

Roblox is a gaming platform that allows users to play an unlimited number of games created by independent developers.

Roblox Studio

The game has a 3D feature with its character characteristics as well as its user server.

Roblox not only provides the user with a one-of-a-kind experience and exclusive access to every game available on their platform, but it also allows the user to create, build, and publish their own game using one of their sub-programs called Roblox Studio.

What is Roblox Studio? 

Roblox Studio is a modified version of Roblox that allows you to create your own game. It includes all of the features you need to make your game look professional and appealing to other users.

Roblox Studio supports Lua Scripting and 3D feature.

Roblox Login

When you enter the studio, you will be greeted by an empty 3D baseplate that you can control, modify, and build as you see fit, with everything inside being 3D.

Why should you use Roblox Studio? 

Roblox Studio is an excellent platform for learning how to create 3D games. Not just because it’s free, but also because it provides many useful features for developing games.

It includes a free server, a free toolbox component, free publishing, and a plethora of plugins. 

Furthermore, the growing popularity of Roblox provides numerous benefits, including free suggestions for game errors, free tutorials on how to create a specific game, and, of course, a large target market for the game.

What is Roblox Animation Weight and How to Use It? 

Animation in Roblox refers to how the character will respond to certain commands and how it will react to certain logic in the game.

Animation is one of the components that help the character run as we expect it to; it adds to the natural feel of the game while also increasing its realistic value.

When the animation works properly, it makes the reaction feel natural and realistic and for that, it is very important that every game developer knows what Animation Weight is.

What is Animation Weight?

Animation weight in Roblox is a component used to determine the AnimationTrack.

It controls the weight of movement of a specific object and character when they are both playing at the same priority.

The default animation weight is one in Roblox. As the number increases animation and its movement will be sharper and more visible. There will be no visibility of the movement if the numbers are zero.

How to Use Animation Weight – Step by Step

Step 1: Open Roblox Studio and Choose any template you like.

Roblox Animation Weight

Step 2: On Explorer, click the (+) button next to ServerScriptService. On the right, click the (+) sign.

Roblox Animation Weight

Step 3: Select Script to open the scripting workspace.

Roblox Animation Weight

Step 4: Create a local function for the animation weight as shown below. This code sample contains a function that changes the weight of an AnimationTrack and yields until the weight reaches the new target weight.

Roblox Animation Weight Step 4

The goal of this sample is to show how the fade time parameter of AnimationTrack ChangeWeight works. In most cases, if a developer wants to yield over the fadeTime, it is best to use wait (fadeTime).


Roblox is a free open-source gaming platform that allows game developers to learn game development and bring their imaginations to life.

However, anyone who wishes to create a game in Roblox should be aware of some fundamental concepts, such as animation weight, to ensure an efficient and error-free game development process.

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