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How To Tame A Boar In Fortnite On Different Gaming Platforms In 2022

By Chirandeep Bhattacharjee
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‘Fortnite’ is, first and foremost, a video game. Epic Games debuted this game in 2017, and it’s become something of a cultural sensation because of its vivid colors, contagious dancing emotes, and usage of in-game currencies. 

There are three game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. It is also one of the most popular games today.

It is an online multiplayer battle royale game in which players strive to be the last guy standing to win the game. There are also dozens of more game modes to choose from. 

The reason Fortnite has remained at the top of online gaming is due to Epic Games’ frequent addition of upgrades and features, as well as the removal of bugs and other problems in the game. 

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Fortnite Season 6 was recently released, and it brought with it a slew of updates to the game. 

The game now has a plethora of cosmetics, skins, and goodies. Continue reading to learn how to tame a pig in Fortnite. 

Where can I find Boars in Fortnite?

As part of its primordial concept, Fortnite Season 6 introduced tamable creatures to the battle royale island. 

Epic Games initially featured four different Fortnite creatures around the map. Following that, Raptors were released, bringing the total number of species in Fortnite Season 6 to five. 

In Fortnite Season 6, these creatures may not only be hunted for resources, but they can also be domesticated to follow the player throughout the game. 

Boars are one of the simplest creatures to find in Fortnite Season 6, considering how effortlessly accessible they are. 

Players should be aware, however, that these creatures are capable of traveling into other areas of the landscape. 

Fortnite Season 6 Boar Locations 

In Fortnite Season 6, there are more than 20 Boars for players to locate in each game. These wild animals can be found in abundance in the following locations: 

  • The woodlands between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges; within the pigpen at Colossal Crops Farm 
  • Stealthy Stronghold’s surroundings 
  • To the east of Pleasant Park, in the primal-themed forests 
  • Near Catty Corner and Retail Row, among the beautiful meadows.

Scavenging through these spots in Fortnite Season 6 will undoubtedly lead to the discovery of Boars in the game. 

In Fortnite Season 6, there have been several weekly tasks featuring wild animals, particularly boars. 

How to tame a Boar in Fortnite? 

How To Tame A Boar In Fortnite

With the advent of animals, players might tame (or avoid totally) wolves, raptors, and wild boars. 

Wild boars are notoriously tough to tame, which is why we bring you to step by step guide to tame these boars.

STEP 1: Collect corn, cabbage, or apples. Before you can start taming a boar, you’ll need some supplies. Land in an area with foraging crops, such as Colossal Crops or Weeping Woods.

Boars are plentiful in both Colossal Crops and Weeping Woods, so keep an eye out for them while hunting for the food that will eventually become their bait.

Before continuing, make a Hunter’s Cloak, which requires 2x animal bones and 1x flesh. The cloak allows you to sneak up on any wild animal without being attacked, making taming much easier.

STEP 2: Find a boar. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a boar. They are more common than wolves and can be found near most farms and forests. Unlike wolves, boars prefer to travel alone.

Remember that wildlife appears only in the standard battle royale mode. Wild boars and other wildlife will not be included in Team Rumble or other modes.

Finally, animal spawns are completely unpredictable. Cities are the only places on the map where wildlife will not spawn, so keep an eye out for them.

STEP 3: Come up to the boar. Slowly and gently approach the boar. Avoid getting too near. It is also probably advisable to approach it from behind if at all feasible. 

STEP 4: Throw away the food you’ve gathered. Throw your gathered food near the boar so that it will approach and start eating it. Try to throw the items so that you are not in the path of the boar.

Toss enough food to keep the pig occupied for the required amount of time. It will most likely attack you if it finishes before you.

STEP 5: Bring yourself up to the boar’s level. You can approach and tame the boar now that it is eating. 

To begin taming it, press X on the Xbox, Square on the PlayStation, or Ctrl on the PC. 

Taming a boar may take some time, so be discreet and watchful. If the boar finds you, it may begin attacking.


During its sixth season, Fortnite, the popular video game, introduced players to a diverse range of in-game fauna. Among the many animals introduced this season were wild boars.

Though they are difficult to control, we have provided you with some steps that may be of assistance.

We hope you have gleaned all of the information about How to Tame a Boar Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 2 from this article, including all areas where you can find the Boar and much more.

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