Mending In Minecraft

The Ultimate Guide to get Mending in Minecraft in 2023

By Deepti Singh

Minecraft is one of the most successful online games these days. The game allows users to construct sandboxes and also travel endlessly in the virtual world, extract and gather raw materials, and create their own tools and a bunch of useful items.

Minecraft also allows players to craft useful items, but these items have a certain level of durability. To overcome the durability issue, the game offers a range of enchantments that allows players to repair these items and also survive against other players.

One of the most valuable enchantments in Minecraft is mending.

Mending in Minecraft

Mending in Minecraft is one of the most powerful enchantments that allow players to restore the durability of certain items. Mending in Minecraft can be used on different items, here is the list of items: –

  • Helmet
  • Chest plate
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Hoe
  • Fishing Rod
  • Bow
  • Shears
  • Flint and steel
  • Carrot on stick
  • Shield
  • Elytra
  • Trident
  • Turtle shell
  • Crossbow
Mending In Minecraft

Item list on which mending applied

Mending in Minecraft is very rare to find, but players can try searching them in chests at places like temples, villages, dungeons and a few other locations where you find loot and raids. The player can also look for merchants who are willing to sell them for a price. In certain cases, players can also find this enchantment through fishing, although it is very rare.

To restore items using mending enchantments in Minecraft. The player first needs to get the item and place it in the first box of Anvil. After that, the player needs to place an enchanted book in the second box and tap the plus symbol.

Once the players get the enchantment book from the librarian, they will have to lock the librarian into that particular trade by trading paper with them for emeralds. Once the librarian is locked in with the trade, she will always have a trade for mending enchantments. Players can turn the librarian into a zombie to lower the cost of fixing spells. This will result in a low cost for all the trades, down to 1 emerald.

Mending In Minecraft

Mending enchantment book

In Minecraft, there are various ways of finding enchantments, but the player needs to be lucky to find them. There are three primary ways of getting your hands on enchanted books: crafting, buying, and finding them.

Apart from this, there are certain activities in the game like breeding, killing mobs, breaking specific blocks, and collecting orbs. Mending is directly related to collecting these experience orbs. Every time a player gets an experience orb in the game, they can put on a mending enchantment and restore the gear’s durability.

To do proper mending in Minecraft, players must follow some rules.

  • The mending enchantment repairs items that are in the player’s hands or armour slots. Hands can be in the main or offhand position.
  • Mending enchantments can only repair items that are equipped.
  • Mending enchantments will not work on items that have already reached their maximum durability.
  • In Minecraft, each experience orb repairs two durability points.
  • When there are no more items to repair, experience orbs are added to the player’s experience level as usual.

In the case of multiple items with mending enchantments in Minecraft, the game selects the target randomly. This selection of any random item does not prioritize. This random selection process does not consider the items that are at their maximum durability.

After explaining the part about how mending works in Minecraft, let us understand how to get the mending enchantment in Minecraft. Mending is a treasure enchantment in Minecraft. So players need to find enchantment books with mending enchantments. There are various ways to find enchanted books with mending in Minecraft.

  • Trading: The trading system is a gameplay element that allows players to trade emeralds for items with villagers. To repair enchantments, players must trade with a librarian villager at any level.
  • Looting: The looting enchantment increases the amount of loot that is dropped when a mob is killed. In mending, strongholds have the highest chances of spawning chests with enchanted books.
  • Fishing: By using the fishing method in mending there is a 0.8% chance of getting an enchanted book. This number can go up if players put the Luck of the Sea enchantment on their fishing rods. Thunderstorms are the best weather for fishing in Minecraft.
  • Pillages raids: These raids also have mobs that drop enchanted books when killed. But this is only for the bedrock edition.

In Minecraft Java, the easiest way to get a fixed enchanted book is to trade with a librarian. Minecraft allows the creation of unemployed villagers that can work in specific professions set by the players.


One of the most potent enchantments in Minecraft that enables players to increase an item’s durability is mending. In Minecraft, mending can be applied to a variety of things. You can get a good understanding of the topic from the information provided above about mending in Minecraft. Visit the most recent entertaining blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find out more about fixing things in Minecraft.

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