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The Ultimate Guide to Lego Robotics for Kids

By Umme Hani Shariff
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Lego robotics is a platform centered around building robots and other vehicles and programming them to move and perform other functions. Have you ever wondered what is robotics for kids? Well, Robotics for kids is an engaging educational field that introduces young learners to the exciting world of technology, engineering, and programming through interactive and hands-on experiences with robots. and with the help of Lego Robotics, one can learn it more efficiently.

The involvement of young children in technology has become important in today’s society. Every day, more and more kids are transitioning into tech. Even schools have added STEM activities to their curriculum to ensure that their kids do not miss out on the numerous benefits of having a STEM skill.

Coding for kids is easy, fun, and accessible. There are many ways in which parents can introduce their kids to coding. Some of which include coding programs, resources, coding boot camps, coding books, apps, games, and many more! The idea behind these is to ensure all kids have equal opportunities to get involved in STEM. 

A remarkable tool for kids to get into the world of programming is LEGO. LEGO is a colorful building block toy for learning how to code. The LEGO plastic bricks can easily be assembled and disassembled, making them seamless for kids to use. Kids can build several incredible activities like a DIY LEGO chess set, a LEGO lantern, LEGO picture puzzles, and LEGO snow globes, among others.

What is Lego robotics?

LEGO is a great way to introduce kids to programming. The project ideas range from simple to complex and kids can always grow with them. They can begin with simple LEGO coding toys, then proceed to use bigger sets as they grow older. 

LEGO and coding are two mutually exclusive terms, this means that kids can learn how to create awesome projects without including coding and computer science. They will also understand certain coding syntax and terminologies such as variables, algorithms, loops, bits, etc. However, coding is important, and as kids progress, they will have to extend their knowledge to coding with LEGO.

LEGO coding inspires kids to think critically and creatively. Kids can discover incredible projects with the LEGO bricks, and task themselves with learning the codes. All your kids need is to learn to code, and then they can begin to explore!

In addition, kids can also enter the world of the best robotics for kids with LEGO robotics toys. Due to the increase in technological trends, the demand for robots has increased rapidly. Robotic inventions will continue to remain indispensable in our society. With LEGO coding, kids can learn the basic and advanced methods of building and activating robots. A strong knowledge of how robotics will also help kids understand how technology works. 

LEGO Robotics Kits

lego robotics for kids

Building LEGO robotics kits are educational and support problem-solving skills. Creativity and inspiration should be the goal of any excellent LEGO robot kit. Growing up with robotics kits inspired many kids from the previous generation and found a career in computer science. 

Here are the top three LEGO robot kits:

  1. Overall Best LEGO Robotics kit – LEGO Mindstorms EV3
  2. Most creative Robot – LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox.
  3. Best LEGO Robot for Its Price – LEGO Technic Stunt Racer.
  1. LEGO Mindstorms EV3
lego robotics for kids

 The Mindstorms line from LEGO has always been a leading producer of quality robotics kits. Their LEGO products are so good that they have earned respect in the robot community and have laid the foundation for many future robot enthusiasts.

In this LEGO Mindstorms robotics kit, you’ll receive 601 pieces and have a smartphone, tablet, PC, and macOS control. It’s an easy-to-assemble LEGO kit that can be assembled in merely a couple of hours.

  1. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox
lego robotics for kids

The LEGO Boost robot is like the younger brother of Mindstorm EV3, as it is much more straightforward to operate and build. Boost has tailored these LEGO kits more towards the age range of 7 – 12 in terms of simplicity. The LEGO Boost kit has more pieces than the Mindstorm. Despite this, the kit is easier to build and requires much less time. 

  1. LEGO Technic Stunt Racer

The LEGO stunt racer robot’s building device gives kids an understanding of how the motor and programming work. The LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer is quite different from the first two robots. The robot is more of a remote car than a robot kit.

This LEGO robot kit is a fun and easy way for kids to understand how a motor and receiver work together while offering them an exciting stunt car. Parents who have purchased this robot kit claim their children play with the robot for hours after building and rebuilding the robot.

LEGO Robotics projects

  1. LEGO NXT ATM Machine
lego robotics for kids

This is a fantastic-looking ATM Machine. It takes notes, splits out change, and can keep track of different accounts using the Codatex RFID sensor.

  1. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Guitar Playing Robot
LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Guitar Playing Robot

The tune you can gasp in the above guitar is the ‘little talks’ by the English language Icelandic five pieces of Masters and Men.

  1. LEGO Mindstorms T-shirt folding machine.

This robot looks cool though and it works well. You place a flat t-shirt on the box surfaces, press a button, and the thing goes to work.

Tips and tricks for LEGO robotics

  1. Storage 
  • Label your boxes.
  • Split up sets into individual parts.
  • Create smaller boxes for smaller models.
  • Have a spares box/ lost and found at the front of the class.
  • Give time to packing away.
  • Have a spares box at the front of the room where students can look if they need a specific piece for their model.
  1. Group Size
  • There is no wrong option, just a recommendation. Two students per box are great and three can work with careful planning.
  • When contemplating it is important to merge groups to discuss things.
  1. Time Frame

If classes need to share kits, plan activities that don’t conflict.

  1. Machines and mechanisms
  • Always points out clearly which model the group is building.
  • The build guides, once the kit is unpacked, don’t fit into the box! Consider putting them all together or in folders.


In conclusion, dear young builders and future robotics masters, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey through the captivating world of Lego Robotics. We have witnessed the marriage of imagination and technology, unveiling a realm where your wildest dreams can materialize, one brick at a time.

Throughout this ultimate guide, we have discovered the boundless potential that lies within your hands, quite literally. We have seen how these colorful plastic blocks can be transformed into complex machines, capable of performing remarkable tasks and bringing your imaginative ideas to life.

Now, go forth, young builders, armed with your bricks, your coding skills, and your insatiable curiosity. Unleash your creativity, solve the puzzles that come your way, and continue to explore the infinite possibilities of Lego Robotics. The world is waiting for your inventions, your ideas, and your boundless spirit. Build on, dream on, and let your robotic endeavors shape a brighter tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is LEGO robotics for kids?

It is a hardware and software structure that develops programmable robots based on LEGO building blocks. 

2. What age is LEGO Robotics suitable for?

LEGO BOOST for girls and boys ages 7-12 and LEGO MINDSTORMS for ages 10+.

3. What skills can kids learn through lego robotics?

Develops intellectual, imagination, and perseverance. Cultivates engineering and programming skills.

4. What kind of LEGO robotics kits are available for kids?


5. How can kids get started with LEGO robotics?

Educational robotics clubs. Robotics clubs and schools are the perfect way for kids to learn about robotics in a practical environment, guided by experts.

6. Can kids learn LEGO Robotics online?

EdX offers many online robotics courses for learners to gain hands-on experience and learn how to program robots.

7. What is the cost of LEGO Robotics kits for kids?

At the time of publishing, the price was $160 (13,161 Rs). The Lego Boosts robotics kit offers the best overall experience for those with no programming experience who want to start building robotics.

8. How can parents support their kids’ interest in Lego robotics?

Start with toys that introduce building and engineering, enjoy toys and media that inspire creativity , expand at home kits, find clubs and social opportunities. 

Umme Hani Shariff

I'm an avid writer and coding enthusiast, dedicated to sharing my knowledge with kids worldwide. As a proud contributor to the BrightChamps blog page, I bring coding concepts to life through engaging and informative blog posts. My passion lies in empowering young minds to explore the world of coding and nurturing their creativity and problem-solving skills. Join me on this exciting journey as we unlock the wonders of coding together.

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