How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

By Jasmeet Kaur
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Scratch is one of the most popular programming platforms among kids that allows linking their creativity with logical thinking to craft projects like games, animations, and interactive stories. 

Assuming you have previously explored scratch and are familiar with its basic elements and concepts, I will proceed with the blog.

Imagine you’ve spent a lot of time building and programming your ideal game from scratch, but you’re at a loss for how to keep track of the progress of your main character.

So what are you going to do?

Well, I have the answers, which are much simpler than you think.

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How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Before we dive in to create the score, let’s understand the concept of the variables.

  • What are variables? 

Why do we need to know about them to create a score? 

A variable is a container used to store a specific type of data. The value you keep in a variable can be varied, i.e. it can be changed, hence the name variable. 

Consider the example below to learn more about variables. 

Imagine a situation where your mother asks you to go grocery shopping. When you return, you see your mother kept three separate containers on the kitchen countertop.

These containers have different labels: Vegetables, Fruits, and Drinks. 

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Then she asks you to segregate the grocery items based on the labels on these containers. This makes it easier for her to use the items.

She can also remove or add similar items to the containers as needed. 

The variables are just like these containers; they hold the data, which can then be modified or used as needed.

The labels on the containers are analogous to the variable names.

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

For more information on variables, you can refer to Transcode’s video. 

The score is considered variable since its value changes according to the conditions 

or the rules of the game

How to create a score variable? 

To create the score variable in scratch, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Select the “Variables” block from the “Block Palette” of the scratch user interface. Then click on “Make a variable”. 

Step 2: Type score as a variable name in the New variable name section and then click


How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Tip: Naming the variable accurately and descriptively is recommended so that it is easy to understand what type of information it will be storing. 

Note: Select For all sprites if you want to create. If you choose For this sprite alone, the variable becomes local, meaning you may alter or modify it from the sprite on which it was generated. Global variables, on the other hand, can be accessible from any sprite or background in your project.

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Tip: Select the score, to display it on your game.

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Different variable blocks can be used throughout the code scripts: 

set variable to 0: It is used to set a particular value to a variable (here, 0). 

change a variable by 1: This block changes the value of a variable by any value that you provide (here, 1). 

show variable: Using this block a variable can be displayed whenever required. 

hide variable: With this block, one can hide a variable.

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Setting the score to 0 when the new game begins is recommended. To accomplish this, add set my variable to 0 at the start of the script.

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch
  • Script Area Stage

Depending on the condition, the score can be increased or decreased using a change variable by one block.

For example, if we want that whenever our sprite touches the green color the score should increase by 10, and it should decrease by 5 when it feels the red color.

The script would look like the one should below: 

How To Make A Score Function In Scratch

Tip: Using forever here is important to keep checking the conditions again and again!


Congratulations! You just discovered a simple method for setting up a score variable in your game.

You only need to create a variable called score by selecting the Variables block from the block palette and you are ready to go. You may now monitor each player’s score within the game.

I can’t wait to see the incredible products you make using this course. Have fun making!

You can also check out coding courses for kids for more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are variables used for in Scratch Programming? 

Variables are used to keep track of information or data. Variable values can be changed at any time. For example, we can create a score variable to keep track of a player’s score or add a time limit to our game by creating a timer variable.

Is there any other way to create a Score in Scratch?

Using variables is the best and easiest method to keep track of the score in Scratch.

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