10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

By Dewi Idda Rohmana
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Fortnite is an extremely popular video game in which the number of players keeps increasing every year. To make the game more exciting and fun for gamers, Fortnite creates some characters and skins in their game.  

A big reason lies behind Fortnite’s popularity and crazes among gamers and how it draws millions of players. The game is extremely easy to pick up but it takes time to become a master. Players of any age group can enjoy this game.

Fortnite offers players to customize items by purchasing Fortnite skins and other cosmetics. Few, however, accomplish it in the same manner as Fortnite. This is due to the vast number of skins that are available to players in Fortnite. 

A long history is associated with anime skins for Fortnite. Although many people are aware of the Naruto partnership, there are numerous other anime skins available.

When fans got to know that the game is creating more skins, they all became so excited. The specialty of these skins was, that each skin has a different story associated with it.

With Naruto here, they now face some fierce competition. There will soon be a fresh batch of Naruto skins for Fortnite

Then what is the best Fortnite anime skin on Fortnite? Let us look at the 10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022. 

10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022 

  1. Kakashi Hatake (Epic) – Best Anime Fortnite Skin 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The first best anime Fortnite skin is Kakashi. Kakashi has appeared in anime once in the New Era Academy Arc and he is a shinobi from the Konohagakure Hatake clan.

The Fourth Hokage, Minato, assigns him to Konoha’s Black Ops ninja team, which is just downright cool until he is kicked off the team for having a “good heart.” 

His facemask, headband, and spiked grey hair on his default skin form an amazing combination and goes well with his black top and bottoms. The appearance is completed with a khaki tactical vest. And as they all say, only bad players need both eyes. 

Then comes his Black Ops skin, where he, instead of choosing the headband, chooses plated chest armor and forearm protection. 

  1. Naruto Uzumaki (Epic Anime Fortnite Skin) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The second-best Fortnite anime skin is Naruto. We all know that the Naruto character goes through the traditional hero’s journey and love in the manga and anime series that have his name. The journey cost him his right arm. Naruto initially was a child ninja in training but soon he realized that his passion lies in serving people.

He grew up and became a selfless savior of the people as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. Naruto’s journey began in a very heroic way when he stood up for what would become his future wife Hinata against a group of bullies. 

The character is so famous that even people who are not fans of the anime will recognize Uzumaki from his default outfit, which consists of his recognizable orange and black tracksuit and blonde spiked hair held up by a black headband (ninjas have a thing for headbands!). The overall appearance is based on Uzumaki’s most well-known stylization, as seen in Naruto: Shippuden. 

His alternate skin depicts Naruto as he appears in Boruto: Next Generation, having become the fabled Seventh Hokage.

In this look, he has shorter hair, an off-white cape in place of the headband, and the same orange-black color scheme but with an all-orange jacket with black sleeve accents and black bottoms, this styling pattern shows his age more visibly on his face in this picture. 

  1. Sakura Haruno (Epic) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The third best Fortnite anime skin is Sakura. The transformation of Sakura Haruno, in the Naruto series, is quite remarkable and exciting. Starting from a quiet wallflower to one of, the most accomplished experts in a variety of fields. 

Medicine and healing are the skills for which Sakura is famous, but her strength and tenacity are equally impressive. Her outfit, which makes her look like a delicate cherry blossom, is quite a contrast to her personality.

Her outfit consists of a red zip top, black shorts, gloves, and boots, and we can never forget her famous red headband perched in her pink hair. fun fact: Sakura in Japanese means cherry blossom, which is not applicable in this case. 

In addition, Sakura has a skin modification that accurately reflects her later life as Sasuke Uchiha’s wife. It is appropriately named Sakura Uchiha and bears her husband’s name. To make her look more feminine, her appearance has been changed. Here, she wears a red piqao dress with white bottoms. 

The purple rhombus sign on her forehead is revealed when she styles her hair using the alternate hairstyle. This sign stands for the Strength of a Hundred Seal.

She is the king of the Fortnite anime skins. The artists have done a wonderful job while creating this skin. Special attention to detail has made the look more appealing. 

  1. Sasuke Uchiha (Epic) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The fourth-best Fortnite anime skin is Sasuke. Sasuke’s classic appearance is something to be talked about. Midnight blue bottoms are worn with a combination of a grey zip-up jacket, and a large piece of grey fabric that is used to cover his waist is fastened to him by a substantial rope knot.

Plane sandals cover his feet and his samurai sword is held by a rope knot to his back and keeps it sheathed. 

His customization features are the coolest; while subtle, it plays to the character’s nature and history. 

His eye color and patterns are as exciting as his features. Sasuke can have either his natural red eyes or the more frantic and disorderly ‘Rinnegan’ eye color and pattern, with its subtle, dark purple tint that permeates both of his eyes. 

  1. Megumi (Rare) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The fifth-best Fortnite anime skin is Megumi. Her biography in the game states that Megumi previously served as a security guard for the shady R.E.M Corp. Her heroic deeds of the R.E.M. Wakers made her so motivated to join the uprising led by the Wakers. For which, she abandoned her allegiance to the villains  

Megumi is undoubtedly prepared for battle. Dressed in a black crop top, deep pink combat pants, and military boots, people can easily figure out her as a woman with a background as an officer with combat experience. 

Her appearance is completed with a satchel, a utility belt that includes a walkie-talkie, a holster, and black tactical gloves. 

  1. Yuki (Rare) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The sixth-best Fortnite anime skin is Yuki. This skilled hacker is the Wakers’ muscle inside the virtual world although she appears sweet and reserved, to quote her in-game description. As she portrays herself as a kind person, Yuki runs the R.E.M. Wakers.

Yet, this cannot guarantee that she cannot control herself in a fight. 

With dark and colored hair, which makes her stand out from the crowd, Yuki is seen to be dressed in a large white puffy jacket that could be a snowboarding jacket.

She wears a pleated grey skirt underneath her warm top layer and chunky white sneakers which look like skateboards complete her look. 

  1. Chigusa (Rare Anime Fortnite Skin) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The seventh best Fortnite anime skin is Chigusa. Players were puzzled after Chigusa and her allies were revealed. This was specifically about which cosmetic set of which anime series they were connected to. 

It was shocking to know that no actual series exists which uses them. However, The Fortnite fandom is always awake. They are both intelligent and ravenous.

The lore and backstories for the three characters were created by them together. This was achieved by using only the one-sentence bios that are listed under each person’s details or store name. 

Her very brief description states that she is a member of the “/R.E.M Wakers/” bundle. Along with that, she was formerly the journalist who “…swore to liberate the world from R.E.MCorp’s virtual prison.” 

With her outfit of a tactical jacket, gloves, and a black baseball cap which looks SWAT-inspired with the word “YOUNG,” the impression made by Chigusa is extraordinarily strong. Her appearance is completed by her leg straps, which you would assume would be for additional weapons along with her black boots. 

  1. Gaara (Epic) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The eighth-best Fortnite anime skin is Gaara. It is believed by most people that in absence of his friends, Naruto would have been Gaara. He almost turned into a real monster, ready to wipe out everyone on earth.

As a result of his friendship with Naruto, Gaara became a respected Kage (village chief), and fans liked him more than Sasuke. Despite having as much power as past Kage, Gaara was not as frequently used as other anime skins. 

Despite having lots of fans, it is difficult for Gaara to reach up to the level of numerous well-known anime characters that Fortnite has added as skins and compete with them. 

  1. Itachi Uchiha (Epic) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The ninth best Fortnite anime skin is Itachi. Itachi Uchiha is incredibly famous among anime fans and they adore playing this character in video games. Although sweaty players will adore him, idealistic players will regard him as the personification of valor.

It is possible to force him to wear his Anbu or Akatsuki uniform, but both portray him as a villain. Despite being one of the most devoted Leaf ninjas ever, it is difficult to recognize him in the character of a villain. While looking at the character and its personality, The Akatsuki uniform looks much better than the Anbu one. 

Due to his enigmatic personality in most of the Naruto series, and his sincere devotion towards his brother, he is liked and appreciated by everyone. 

  1. Orochimaru (Epic) 
10 Best Fortnite Anime Skin in 2022

The last best Fortnite anime skin is Orochimaru. Naruto fans are familiar with Orochimaru. When chunin exams first appeared in the series, Orochimaru was not intended to be a part of them.

The Chunnin exams were not as exciting as expected so Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, was instructed by his editor to spice them up a bit. Orochimaru was a character who was introduced by Kishimoto, and he was a far more significant antagonist for the entire series.

Many people still consider Orochimaru to be the height of evil, even though he is transformed by the end of the series. 

Orochimaru has a bad reputation, that’s why it is frequently used by sweaty players. If you come across someone with this skin, the likelihood of you engaging in a chaotic battle increases. 

Therefore, Fortnite Anime brings exciting and age-appropriate games for kids on the computer, providing a captivating gaming experience in the world of animated battles and adventures


Fortnite skins always created excitement among the players and Fortnite anime skin was something that would attract all the amine fans towards Fortnite. The above-mentioned were the best anime Fortnite skins which will make the gaming experience even more fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get the boy anime skin in Fortnite?

It can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop.

How to get the anime skin in Fortnite?

Players simply need to buy the Anime Legends Pack’s digital version from the digital store of their chosen console, the Epic Games Store, or both. Also available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop is the Anime Legends Pack.

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