Best Typing Games for Kids

The Best Typing Games for Kids: How to Help Your Child Develop Keyboard Skills and Confidence

By Mohamed Ansaar

Computers are generally programmed to respond to the inputs we provide them. In order to provide the inputs, we need to know how to handle the keyboard. First of all, let’s learn what is meant by the term “computer.” The word “computer” stands for “commonly operated machine,” particularly used for trade and educational research. Computers are regarded as one of the most important and powerful tools in this generation. As technology grows, the growth of computers is unstoppable. Typing games can be a fun and effective way for kids to improve their keyboard skills and build confidence in their typing abilities. In this blog, we are going to take a deep look into what games we have for children in order to improve their typing speed and keyboard handling.

Things for improving typing skills:

  1. Start with basic typing skills:

Before diving into typing games, make sure your child has a solid foundation in typing basics such as home row position, finger placement, and proper typing posture.

  1. Choose age-appropriate games:

Look for typing games that are suitable for your child’s age and skill level. There are many free typing games available online that are specifically designed for kids.

  1. Set achievable goals:

Encourage your child to set small, achievable goals for themselves as they play typing games. This can help them stay motivated and track their progress.

  1. Make it fun:

Make it a fun activity for kids, encourage your child to have fun while playing typing games. Look for games that have engaging themes or storylines to keep them entertained.

  1. Practice on a regular basis:

It is critical for children to practice on a regular basis in order to see progress. Encourage your child to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing their typing skills.

Best Typing Games for Kids

The above image is the best example of assigning a key to the respective fingers while typing. As stated in the first statement of this paragraph, the basics are very important in order to improve the typing skills of children. If we follow the steps based on the color codes, then we will be able to improve the typing skills of children very easily.

Games to improve typing skills for children:

There are a few games that can be used to improve the typing skills of children. It not only helps children to understand keyboard handling but also helps them to be engaged in a fun way.

  1. This website offers a variety of typing games for kids, including word and number drills, typing adventures, and typing challenges.


  1. Typing Jets: In this game, kids must type the words that appear on the screen to help their jet fly through the sky and avoid obstacles.

Link: Typing Jets

  1. TypeRacer: This is a multiplayer typing game that allows kids to compete against each other in typing races.

Link: Type Racer

  1.  Nitro Type: This is a racing-themed typing game that allows kids to compete against each other in typing races.

Link: Nitro Type

  1. Dance Mat Typing: This is a fun, interactive typing game that teaches kids the home row keys and proper finger placement.

Link: Dance Mat Typing

The above games are the best source for improving the speed and typing skills of children. Apart from these games, the children have to proactively practice. As we all know, practice makes perfect. There are a few more games that are used to improve the typing skills of children. But these games are generally advised for children who are 9 and older.

Specific Games to Improve Typing Skills:

  1. Typing Defence:

In this game, kids use their typing skills to defend their base against waves of incoming enemies. They must type the words or phrases that appear on the screen in order to defeat the enemies and protect their base.

  1. Typing Adventure:
Best Typing Games for Kids

In this game, kids embark on a typing adventure and must type their way through a series of challenges and obstacles. They may need to type quickly to escape danger or use their typing skills to solve puzzles and complete tasks.

  1. Typing Practice:

For kids who are just starting to learn how to type, simple typing practice games can be a great way to help them develop the muscle memory and hand-eye coordination they need to type accurately. These games may involve typing words or phrases that appear on the screen or following along with a typing tutorial.    

The above games are generally advised for students and children who are of age 9+. 


This blog is exclusively dedicated to enhancing one’s keyboarding skills. If students and youngsters begin to explore these activities, they will be able to effortlessly develop their typing abilities and play with the keyboard. Overall, the best typing games for kids are those that are engaging, challenging, and fun. With practice and encouragement, children can develop strong keyboard skills and confidence in their typing abilities. To get more information on such content to help your kids develop useful skills, follow the BrightCHAMPS blog page.

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