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How To Find & Farm A Slime Chunk in Minecraft

By Ayesha M

In Minecraft Farming and gathering resources is one of the most important activities that will consume most of the player’s time in it, but it gives us the most important items that are required to advance our game so that they become a part of the player’s experience. Here finding and farming the slimes is one of the most consuming times, and we have a worthy enemy too. 

What is Slime?

Slimes are unique hostile mobs that are cube-shaped and bouncy. We can find slime in three sizes: big, small, and tiny. When a large slime dies, it will break down into small slimes, which will be converted into tiny slimes. Players can only get a maximum of five slime balls by killing a mob.

In Minecraft, slimes are the main source of slime balls. For hopper clocks, TNT dupers, TNT launchers, and other Redstone mechanics in Minecraft, slime balls are a crucial component. Here the players can make pistons, and slime blocks, and it is a great source of food too.

minecraft slime

Where do slimes spawn in Minecraft?

Spawning conditions are very few, and it is spawned in underground, above-the-ground areas of specific chunks, within Minecraft world or in a few chosen biomes like swamp biomes (it is spawned on the surface only when the light level is below 7 and moonlight on that particular night is more than 0) and mangrove swamp biomes but only in the nighttime.

Slimes spawn mostly under the full moon. The spawn rate decreases as the moon is fading away. 

Waiting for slimes to spawn in swamp biomes will be slow and inefficient. In Minecraft, slimes cannot be bred. Therefore, using Minecraft’s slime chunks to farm slimes is the answer to these problems.  

Note: Finding slimes is not a very difficult task; it is easy when the player knows about their spawn locations.

minecraft slime

What is a slime chunk?

Minecraft worlds are classified as chunks. In Minecraft, Chunks are represented as a 16 by 16 block area on the horizontal axis. The slime chunks are specific chunks that are rare and consist of only 10% of Minecraft world chunks. In Minecraft, not every chunk is a slime chunk.

Not only should you find a large enough slime chunk, but it should also meet some of the conditions listed below. 

  • Slimes can spawn under any of the biomes in Minecraft, but we should make sure that is not in the mushroom fields.
  • The area in which slimes spawn should be below the world height of the Y=40 coordinate.
  • Here the light and moon’s brightness do not affect the underground slimes.
minecraft slime

Finding slime chunks in the Minecraft game

In Minecraft Java Edition, the slime chunks are pseudo-randomly generated and they are different for every seed but it has the same coordinates across all the seeds in the Bedrock Edition so better we can mark down the coordinates of the area and keep an eye for any future Slime spawns.

In Minecraft sometimes the players can come across a Slime chunk naturally if the player has spotted a Slime underground. 

The slimes are always spawned below the Y level of 40, even though the light level is higher than 7. The players have to dig deep down to Y level 30 by exploring until they come across a naturally spawning slime. And then the player has to mine out a 4-block-tall area. To do that, the player can use F3+G to see the chunk borders in the Java Edition.

Here, the players can quickly mine out stone blocks by using beacons with the haste effect and pickaxes blessed with Efficiency. Since slimes are not sensitive, we must make sure to mark chunk borders with fences after mining and illuminate the entire area with torches or any other light source. 

Now Move 24 blocks away from the mined area and return to see which chunks have slime spawned inside them that is due to fences, so that they will stay inside those chunks.

When we combine these Chunks with slime, that is known as “slime chunks.” Players can use these chunks to build slime farms. But finding slime chunks using this method can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Note: In Minecraft, there is an opportunity to make use of a tool so that they can use that tool and find a slime chunk, and it is known as a Chunk base. By giving the Input as the name of the seed and then the generator will mark Slime chunks automatically. 

How to Make a Slime Farm in Minecraft game

The above-mentioned techniques that have a more consistent slime spawn rate must be used to locate the slimes before we can begin to construct an effective slime farm in Minecraft. 

The step-by-step instruction is given below:

  • To Create Area for the Farm

We need to dig out the entire slime chunk as deep as Y=40 to Y=10 world height, to dig we can use the TNT or pickaxes to get the job done faster and don’t worry if we go lower because there will be a high chance that we might stumble upon the Warden that will be not much risk. This process will help us to get to know if there is a cave opening so that we can keep away other hostile mobs from our farm.

  • Create a Mob Spawning Platform

We need to spawn slimes. To do that, we have to make two floating platforms with the help of building blocks. Don’t forget to make sure that the surface area of the platforms should be 14 x 14 blocks with a vertical gap of at least 5 blocks between them and 3 blocks on all sides of the platform.

To prevent other hostile mobs from spawning on our platforms, try to replace some of the floor platform blocks with frog lights or other types of light blocks. 

minecraft slime
  • Set up the killing system.

Try to place magma blocks in the bottom of the slime chunk and cover the whole area to create a lava-like floor. The harm caused by magma blocks will assist in killing the slimes and causing them to fall into a slimeball. 

The Allay will now attempt to gather all of the slime balls in the chest below by picking them up. Adding a layer of water on top of the magma blocks will protect Allay from any damage.

minecraft slime


Slimes are distinct hostile bouncy cube-shaped mobs. They are available in various sizes. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily find and farm slime chunks in Minecraft. To learn more about these slime chunks, check out the latest blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page.

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