Top 10 Paintings In Minecraft

Top 10 Paintings in Minecraft

By Atikha Hasan
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Minecraft isn’t just about staying alive, killing monsters, and getting as many weapons as you can. But you can also make, craft, and acquire tools in Minecraft to create the world you want. You can use decorative tools in Minecraft to make your world more interesting, colourful, and unique. Today, we will talk about paintings, which are one of the many ways to decorate your Minecraft world.

Paintings are a great way to bring life to any room in Minecraft. Even though paintings don’t do much in the game, they can add to the fun by adding your own style. It’s possible because there are 26 different kinds of painting in Minecraft, all of which are very unique.

Out of 26, you can choose which one fits your personality the best. And if you get a painting you don’t like, it’s easy to replace it.

How to make a painting in Minecraft

As decorative tools, paintings in Minecraft do not require a lot of materials when you want to make one. 

There are two important materials you need to prepare beforehand, which are:

  1. Wooden sticks
  2. Wools in any color.

If you have them prepared, then you are ready to create your magnificent painting.

  1. Open your crafting table.
  2. Place the wool in the center of the craft table.
  3. Put the stick all around the wool
  4. Your painting frame is ready.
  5. Put the frames on the walls to see the paintings.

In Minecraft, how many painting sizes are there?

A painting’s size can change depending on the size of the room. It’s in the range of 1×1 to 4×4. 

The size of a painting will tell us where we can put it. The space on the wall has to be bigger than the frame.

What are the top 10 paintings in Minecraft?

There are 26 different kinds of paintings in Minecraft enderman, and from those 26 kinds, I have personally picked the top 10 paintings according to their similarities with real paintings.

  1. The Void
Paintings In Minecraft

The Void is ranked number ten. The Void is one of my favorite paintings in Minecraft, as it has a unique painting that shows an angel praying into what appears to be a void with pixelated fire below.

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  1. Bust
Paintings In Minecraft

You might feel familiar with the painting above. The Bust is one of the popular paintings in Minecraft because of the object of the painting. The subject of the painting in The Bust is Marcus Aurelius, the most respected emperor in Roman history, who is known for his philosophical interests. 

The Bust retains its position as the top 9 on the list due to the object of the painting; while the color and texture of the painting are not dissimilar to The Void, the similarity of the painting to the real painting lends more credit to the painting.

  1. Alban
Paintings In Minecraft

The number eight painting on the list is a unique painting called Alban. It’s a painting of a man in a fez standing in front of a house and a bush. Based on the name of the painting, it might be a scene in Albania.

  1. Pigscene
Paintings In Minecraft

On the top 7, there is a painting of a girl pointing at a pig. In the first version, the canvas had blocks of red, green, and blue, which are the three colors of the RGB color model that most computer screens use. It is based on Jacob van Oost’s painting, The Artist’s.

  1. Kebab
Paintings In Minecraft

Our list of the top 10 paintings in Minecraft continues with a painting for foodies. This painting is solely focused on a kebab, as the title suggests. If you want to know, the real name of the kebab is “Kebab med tre pepperoni,” and the kebab in the painting has three green chilli peppers, just like the one in real life.

  1. Aztec2
Paintings In Minecraft

Aztect2, the infamous Counter-Strike painting, is among the top five. The free-look perspective of the map de_aztec is a painting from the famous old game Counter-Strike. The painting of the FPS that was released in 1999 brings a lot of memories, especially for gamers. The painting shows pictures of the de_Atez map.

  1. Skull on Fire
Paintings In Minecraft

This painting is based on Minecraft, and the background is also made of Minecraft. A skull on fire made of pixels with a moon in the background in a clear night sky.

This painting was made by adding a grass block and a 3D skull to a screenshot from Minecraft.

  1. Graham
Paintings In Minecraft

On the top three, we have King Graham, the main character in the video game series King’s Quest. The original is based on Juan Sánchez Cotán’s Still Life with Quince, Cabbage, Melon, and Cucumber.

  1. Wither
Paintings In Minecraft

On the top 2 is, “Wither.” The Wither is a painting that shows how a wither is made. This is the only painting that wasn’t inspired by another painting, and it is created by Jens Bergensten

  1. Creebet
Paintings In Minecraft

The famous Creebet is the best way to end this list. It is one of the oldest paintings in Minecraft, and it shows a creeper looking at you through an open window. Mountains and an ocean are behind the creeper. But because of the pixelation, you can’t see them well.


Minecraft isn’t only about surviving, killing monsters, and collecting weapons. But you can also design the world you wish to see in Minecraft by making, crafting, and collecting tools. You can use decorative tools in grindstone Minecraft to make your world look more interesting, colorful, and unique.

Today, we will chat about paintings, which are one of the different approaches to decorating in Minecraft. Paintings are a brilliant way to bring life to any location in Minecraft creeper. They are only exploited for ornamentation in the game. Visit the most recent entertaining blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find out more about painting in Minecraft. 

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