15 Best Minecraft Memes

15 Best Minecraft memes of 2022 so far

By Atikha Hasan
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Minecraft is an open-platform game with a lot of space for people to meet and talk to each other. Memes have become the best way for players to make jokes and make new friends.

Memes have become a way for both Minecraft players and the people who work on the game to have fun.

There are a lot of funny and spicy memes about a game with over 3.3 million online players and an infinite number of possible outcomes.

The Minecraft community has been making great memes for years, from clean to dirty, simple to very creative, and even about the delay of the Minecraft movie itself: Minecraft fans celebrate the movie’s delay with memes.

There is always something that players can relate to, and memes are a great way to show that. In this blog, we have put together a list of the trendiest and funniest memes on Minecraft.

What are the best 15 Minecraft memes for 2022 so far?

Here are the top 15 Minecraft memes of 2022, picked from hundreds of witty, humorous, and creative ones.

  1. Bow Decisions Minecraft Meme

The worst thing about putting limits on things in Minecraft is having to choose between OP enchantments. Why?! How am I going to decide?

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Pollution Minecraft Memes

We could have kept everything natural and beautiful. We’re… evil ones? Don’t overthink it…

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Faster Than Light Minecraft Meme

Parkour maps and speed potions make it seem like nothing or no one can keep up with you. The baby zombie laughs at you…

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Mom, Can We Get an Iron Golem?

It’s like when you ask for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and your mom points to your Wii U.

Iron golems are wonderful for base defense, but they require a lot of iron ingots and a carved pumpkin or Jack o’ Lantern.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Imagination Vs Reality Minecraft Meme

The web is overwhelmed with fabulous Minecraft buildings in recordings and pictures.

As a result, the majority of gamers resort to making a wooden box as their base and giving up.

Be that as it may, in case your base is basic, do not feel bad—in Minecraft, utility continuously takes priority over aesthetics.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. “Lava is the Biggest Killjoy” Minecraft Meme

As such, lava is a Minecraft player`s worst enemy.

This results in many unsuspecting players getting themselves—and their best gear—incinerated.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Taking Inventory Minecraft Meme

There are a few things in this world that aren’t implied to be known. One of them is that 123.94% of players haven’t opened their stock while playing Minecraft.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Minecraft Elytra Fail Meme

For those of us with outdated hardware, that split-second freeze as the world chunks update can be life-or-death. We just wanna glide around, man!

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Vicious Cycle Minecraft Meme

We’ve all experienced long periods of nonstop play, daydreaming about our blocky universes, and a desire to go on the journey. You accomplished the one goal you set for yourself, which is a tremendous accomplishment. You eventually grow bored. Even if you step away from the game for a bit, the desire to play will eventually return.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Creeper Panic Minecraft Meme

Maybe you`re far from your home base and stumble upon an incredible new biome or construction and yearn to settle there. Maybe you’re underground and stumble into a mineshaft or an underground dungeon. But the sun is going down. Your forehead starts to perspire more and more. You hear the recognizable hiss. In an effort to keep your space, you hastily slap a bed down. BOOM. What a waste of time, huh?

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. The Stonks Minecraft Meme

*villager noises* STONKS *villager noises*.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Infinite Resources Minecraft Meme

Even though everything in Minecraft is finite, this is not the case. Resources, like everything else, are endless. If you play this game, you will immediately realize that you can locate anything.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. It’s All About Wood Minecraft Meme

This meme is a satirical study of which of the various resources scattered across the world is the most important. Whatever you may believe, wood is what you need to build your new inventions.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Minecraft Music Minecraft Meme

Have you ever noticed how the game’s music varies? For some reason, you hear some beautiful classical music when you are in danger and engaged in combat. But things get spooky when you’re looking for jewels. This intriguing feature, where the game’s music adapts to different in-game situations, adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement, similar to the dynamic experiences often crafted in video games for kids.

15 Best Minecraft Memes
  1. Bedrock Players vs. Java Players Minecraft Meme

While numerous gamers contend over which version they think is best, a few of us appreciate playing both.

15 Best Minecraft Memes


Memes have evolved into the finest tools for players to crack jokes and make friends in Minecraft because it’s an open-platform game with a huge social and interaction platform. This social aspect of Minecraft, akin to online games for kids, emphasizes the significance of community and communication.

Memes have emerged as a favorite pastime activity for both Minecraft players and developers.

In this blog, we’ve collected the best Minecraft memes for you to laugh at and share with your friends! Check out the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find more fun content on Minecraft and other related topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do so many Minecraft users create memes?

The athletes now use memes as a way to joke about and get to know one another.

What memes are suitable for fans of Minecraft?

Memes have emerged as a favorite pastime activity for both Minecraft players and developers.

What has so far been the finest meme for 2022?

The best meme in 2022, so far as there are players divided between Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, is Bedrock Players vs. Java Players. Players who appreciated both versions of the game were dispersed among them, demonstrating the reality of the gaming environment.

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