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In Minecraft, dyes play a very important and interesting role. As the name, dyes can dye something or change the colour of any particular thing in Minecraft.

The primary work of dyes is to color items in Minecraft. You can use dye to change the colour of sheep, glass, wool, terracotta, some mobs, concrete powder, patterns on banners, candles, beds, shulker boxes, firework stars, and many more.

You can use any one of the sixteen dye colors that are available. It’s like you have every color of dye that is in the rainbow. Dyes enable players to alter and personalize their Minecraft world as desired.

You can get the dye from other naturally generated things like squids, flowers, etc.

Categories of Dyes

Dyes are divided into three categories –

  1. Primary Dyes
  2. Quasi Primary Dyes
  3. Secondary Dyes

Primary Dyes

Minecraft dyes

Crafted only from naturally spawning ingredients. It contains:-

  1. Black Dye
  2. Blue Dye
  3. Brown Dye
  4. Yellow Dye
  5. Green Dye
  6. White Dye
  7. Red Dye

Quasi-Primary Dyes

Minecraft dyes

Crafted from naturally spawning ingredients or by combining other dyes. It contains:-

  1. Orange Dye
  2. Magenta Dye
  3. Pink Dye
  4. Light Gray Dye
  5. Light Blue Dye
  6. Lime Dye

Secondary Dyes

Minecraft dyes

crafted by combining other primary dyes. It contains:-

  1. Gray Dye
  2. Cyan Dye
  3. Purple Dye

Finding Dyes

Minecraft dyes

In Minecraft, you can find dyes near every biome, you just need to find them.

A green dye can be found in the village (Desert) and in the chest- 1(14.3%)

A yellow dye can be found in the village and in Manson’s chest- 1(20.8%)

How to make Dyes in Minecraft

  1. White Dye
Minecraft dyes

Because it is simple to gather and can be used to create other dyes, white dye is both a very fundamental and significant color.

There are two ways for finding White Dye

  • With the help of the Lily of the Valley flower.
  • By killing the skeletons. When they drop bones after killing a player can collect them and crush them on the crafting table to make bonemeal for crafting white dye.
  1. Brown Dye

A player can make brown dye with the help of cocoa beans. Finding cocoa beans is actually a little difficult because they grow on jungle trees only, but once found, a player can find them in large quantities, and they are huge, so you can gather a lot once you find some. After finding the cocoa beans, you can use the crafting table to craft brown dye. This crafting process not only adds a layer of complexity to the game but also serves as an interesting subject for discussions or activities like free coloring sheets for kids, turning virtual exploration into a creative and educational endeavor.

  1. Black Dye
Minecraft dyes

Black dye is the darkest dye in Minecraft. It is a little difficult to find because you can only get black dye from Inc sacs, which are dropped only by squids. For this, you have to find the squid in deep water and kill a few of them.

When they are killed, they drop one to three Inc sacs at a time, so by collecting them, you can easily craft black dye.

  1. Red Dye
Minecraft dyes

Red dye is easy to find in Minecraft. Red dye can be made from three things: a rose, a red poppy flower, and a beetroot. They can live in both flower and forest biomes. Beetroot can be found in villages and on farms.

  1. Blue Dye

Basically, there are two ways to find blue dye.

  • From Cornflowers found in the biome flower forest.
  • Using Lapis Lazuli. You need to go underground to find it.
  1. Green Dye
Minecraft dyes

You can get green dye from cactus. Cactus are easily found in the desert biome.

After finding the cactus, you need to burn it in the furnace.

  1. Yellow Dye

A yellow dye is also crafted from flowers in the forest flower biome. For this, you need to find sunflowers or dandelions to craft a yellow flower.

  1. Grey Dye

Grey can be created on the crafting table by combining the colors black and white. Additionally, many more colors can be created by combining grey with another color. 

  1. Orange Dye
Minecraft dyes

You can make orange dye by mixing red and yellow dyes together. Also, you can put orange tulips on the crafting table to make orange dye.

  1.  Light Grey Dye

There are two ways for creating light grey dye:-

  • Place one white tulip, oxeye daisy or azure bluet on the crafting table.
  • With grey dye and more bonemeal
  1.  Magenta Dye

There are three ways to create it.

  • From a Lilac Flower
  • Combining purple and pink dye together 
  • Combining blue, red, and white dyes together
  1.  Purple Dye
Minecraft dyes

You can get purple dye by combining red and blue dyes together.

  1.  Pink Dye

The pink dye can be made by combining white and red dyes together. In addition, if you find pink tulips in the forest, you can obtain them by placing them on a crafting table.

  1.  Cyan Dye
Minecraft dyes

This dye was also created by combining other dyes. For this,  you can simply add lapis lazuli, blue, and green dyes together.

  1.  Light blue dye

Two ways for crafting this dye:-

  • With the help of flowers
  • By combining Bonemeal and Lapis Lazuli together.
  1.  Lime Dye 
Minecraft dyes

Lime dye can be made by mixing bonemeal and green dye together on a crafting table.

Things can be crafted with Dye

You can change the colour of many things with the help of dyes. These things are:-

  • Wool 
  • Glass
  • Candles 
  • Beds 
  • Armor
  • Concrete
  • Fireworks
  • Shulker Boxes
  • Terracotta 


In Minecraft, dyes are used for changing the color of different things, such as patterns on banners, wool, terracotta, concrete powder, candles, fireworks stars, glass, hangings, etc. You can change the sheep’s color to change the color of the wool. There are a total of 16 colors of dye available in Minecraft. The player can craft dyes from plans and by mixing different colors of dye together. Dyes can be categorized into three parts: primary dyes, quasi-primary dyes, and secondary dyes. Visit the most recent entertaining blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find out more about Minecraft dyes and how to make them.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How many dyes you can make in Minecraft?

There are a total of 16 dyes that players can make in Minecraft.

How do you make black dye?

With the help of Ink Sac and Wither Rose.

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