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The Best Minecraft animals to Tame

By Bhagyashri Sarda
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Minecraft is one of the most popular games nowadays among the young generations.  Minecraft video game is developed in java programming language by Markus  Persson. Minecraft is an adventure game, and you can do a lot of things in this game. Minecraft is available on different platforms including Windows, MAC,  Play Stations, X-box and Mobile phones. While playing the Minecraft game you will find different animals in different biomes. In this guide, we will detail everything about how to tame the best Minecraft animals.

Taming is one of the game techniques that allow the players to domesticate and tame wild mobs. Each animal can be tamed with different kinds of techniques in  Minecraft so that you can gain their trust and use them for a different purpose in your game. Below you will find different animals list and how to tame them in  Minecraft.

  •  Allays:

They are one of the new mobs that came with Minecraft’s “Wild” update, and each one is unique. Allays are small, blue-colored passive flying mobs. They collect the items for the player and deliver them to the player. When they hear the jukebox sound, they start dancing if the jukebox stops playing, and they stop dancing if they are not within range of the jukebox. Allays in Minecraft don’t require food to tame them so that they can follow players; they require any item. Right-click on a player while holding an item in your hand to bind allay to them, and allay is bound to the player.

Biomes: Allays can be found in different biomes and they spawn within  Woodland Mansion and Pillagers Post

Food: None

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Axolotls: 

The passive mobs of Axolotl are very similar to the animals found in Minecraft version 1.17. This animal in Minecraft is available in five different colors: blue, pink, brown, gold, and cyan. To tame this animal in Minecraft, players can use a water bucket and a bucket of tropical fish, but they can’t be fully tamed in the game. Except for Dolphin, you can use these passive mobs to attack any other dwelling mob.

Note: This animal in Minecraft can be destroyed by pufferfish, so make sure that you put the axolotl in a different bucket or tank. 

Biomes: bodies of water or any dark ocean 

Food: Bucket of Tropical Fish

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  •  Bats: 

Bats in Minecraft are one of the smallest animals. They have the ability to spawn in caves or large enclosed spaces. Players can use moths to tame bats in Minecraft.  Players can find moths by having any kind of light source outside at night. 

This Minecraft animal can serve as a friend for a single miner in dark caves. 

Biomes: Caves and your house that has dark structures. Food: Moths

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Cat: 

Cats are passive mobs in Minecraft; they can be found in villages and swamp huts. Players can tame this Minecraft animal using raw cod or raw salmon. Players can use this Minecraft animal to turn off creepers and phantoms. They are available in 11 different types of fur in Minecraft. Players can visit a nearby river and lake and collect fish like cod and salmon to feed to cats that players can tame. Once a player has tamed a cat, they will reward you with items such as feathers, rabbit’s feet, raw chicken, and so on. 

Biomes: Villages and Swamp Huts 

Food: Raw Cod and Raw Salmon Fish

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Chicken: 

Chicken in Minecraft is again one of the passive mobs used for harvesting materials. They produce eggs and drop feathers and raw chicken upon death.  Unfortunately, you can’t permanently tame a chicken in Minecraft, but you can make it follow you if you hold wheat, melon, beetroot, and pumpkin seeds in your hands. Players can also breed this animal using two chickens while holding wheat seeds in their hands. 

Biomes: Overworld in groups of 4 on grass 

Food: wheat, melon, beetroot, and pumpkin seeds

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish: 

All fish in Minecraft are passive mobs, even the pufferfish. Pufferfish are available in warm and lukewarm water, whereas salmon fish are available in cold and lukewarm water, and tropical fish will be found in lukewarm and warm oceans. You can go fishing and catch fish in a bucket of water if you want live fish. Biomes: Ocean, Warm, Luke Warm water, river, or cold water Food: Prismarine Crystals (not for cod fish)

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Cow and mushroom: 

Cows in Minecraft are available in very early versions. These Minecraft animals are passive mobs used for harvesting materials like milk, leather,  and raw beef upon death. Equip harvested wheat in the hot bar to tame the cow, and the cow will follow you until you have wheat in your hand. After this, the player will see the feed icon. Click on it to feed cows and tame them.  

On the other hand, mooshrooms are a mushroom-themed variant of regular cows; they can be spawned in rare mushroom field biomes. The player can tame this animal in the same way that cows are tamed by feeding it wheat until it develops a red heart. 

Biomes: most of the grassy world, animal pens and butcher houses in villages; mushroom biomes (Mooshroom Cow). 

Food: Wheat

Minecraft Animals To Tame
Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Donkey, Mule and Horse: 

Donkey animals in Minecraft are passive mobs, and they can be used for traveling and carrying items in your game. Adult donkeys in Minecraft can be tamed by holding nothing in the player’s hands and mounting it repeatedly until a heart appears on their head.  

Horses in Minecraft are passive mobs that can only be used for travel; unlike donkeys, they do not carry your items. To tame this animal in  Minecraft, right-click on it with an empty hand until hearts appear on the horse’s head. 

Mules in Minecraft are the offspring of a donkey and a horse. This Minecraft animal is completely brown, which distinguishes it from a donkey. To tame this animal, the same process can be followed as for horses and donkeys, i.e.,  just right-click on it until hearts appear on it with empty hands. 

Biome: Plains 

Food: Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Hay Bale

Minecraft Animals To Tame
Minecraft Animals To Tame
Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Foxes 

A fox is a passively tamable mob in Minecraft. Foxes are well known in Minecraft for their fearsome nature; they flee whenever players approach them. Foxes are animals; they can sleep in Minecraft like cats and bats. To tame a fox in Minecraft, players can breed the baby foxes spawned by breeding, which are then automatically tamed by players. Enclosing wild foxes in a pen allows players to breed them with sweet or glow berries. 

Biomes: Taiga, Old Growth Taiga, Snowy Taiga, and Grove Food: Sweet Berries, Glow Berries.

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Frogs, and Tadpoles 

Frogs are available in the Minecraft 1.19 wild update. It is one of the passive mobs that can be found in swamp biomes. Frogs use their tongues to attack different mobs. Frogs in Minecraft cannot be tamed in the same way that horses and foxes can. Instead of taming, you can lure frogs. To lure frog 

Players can use slimeballs. Killing small slime will yield these slimeballs. By feeding slimeballs to two frogs you can find variants of frog i.e.  baby frogs which is known as Tadpoles 

Biomes: Swamp 

Food: slimeball

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Squids, and glow squids 

Squids and glow Squids can be found in the deep ocean or the ocean. They are passive mobs available in Minecraft. You cannot tame squids. In the bedrock edition, 2-4 squids can spawn at a time in ocean biomes. Glowing Squids have a luminescent and glowing texture with sparkles. 

Biomes: Ocean and Deep Ocean 

Foods: Raw Fish

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Ocelots 

Ocelots protect players against certain mobs. Ocelots are again one of the passive mobs for players in Minecraft. This Minecraft animal cannot be tamed, but you can gain their trust by feeding those fish, and they will be around you. To breed this animal, make sure that you have built a secure animal farm, then feed fish to them. After doing this, they will enter “love mode,” and within a second, the ocelot baby will spawn. 

Biomes: Jungle Food: Raw Salmon and Raw Cod.

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Parrots 

Parrots are passive mobs in Minecraft, but they are rarely tamed animals. Parrots are useful for detecting nearby mobs. They can detect the sounds of nearby hostile mobs and alert their master. Parrots in Minecraft can be tamed by feeding them wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and beetroot seeds,  though there is very little chance of success. 

Biomes: Jungle 

Food: Wheat, Melon, Pumpkin, and Beetroot Seeds

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Pigs 

Pigs in Minecraft, whose passive nature creates pork chops for players, To tame a pig, gently go near it, speak calmly, move slowly, and feed it food like carrots, potatoes, and beetroot. They will start following you. If you are feeding two pigs at a time then after sometimes the  heart will appear on the head and the baby pig will spawn within a second  

Biomes: Grass Biomes 

Food: Carrots, Potatoes and Beetroot

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Rabbits 

This animal in Minecraft comes in different variants, i.e., yellow, white, and black. Rabbits in Minecraft cannot be tamed like other mobs. Players can use dandelions and carrots to attract rabbits to their location. The rabbits in Minecraft are used for harvesting materials. When players enter “love mode,” they can feed two rabbits with carrots and dandelions, and a second baby rabbit will appear in the game. 

Biomes: Flower Forest, Desert, Snowy Plains, Taiga  

Foods: dandelions, carrots

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Sheep 

Sheep in Minecraft are used for harvesting materials like wool and raw mutton upon death. Players can use shears to collect wool from sheep. In Minecraft, all you need is wheat, and then you approach the sheep. Before you tame them, make sure the player will create a secure farm for them. Get a  sheep inside your farm and then close the gate around it. To breed them, you need wheat in your hand, and once two sheep enter “love mode,” you will get baby sheep on your farm. 

Biomes: Snowy Taiga, Snowy Plains, Grassy  

Foods: Wheat

Minecraft Animals To Tame
  • Camel 

Camels in Minecraft are most likely to be found in desert biomes. In desert biomes, players can ride them like horses. The camel will be available in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. Unfortunately, you cannot tame a camel in Minecraft. For breeding camels, first, find two camels in the desert and then feed cactus to each of them. Once they enter “love mode,” a  baby camel will spawn in a second. 

Biomes: Dessert 

Foods: Cactus

Minecraft Animals To Tame


One of the game mechanics that enables players to protect and tame wild mobs is taming. In Minecraft, each animal may be trained using a variety of methods so that you can win their confidence and employ them for various game purposes. You can easily tame the animals and use them for your needs by using the knowledge that has been provided above. Visit the most recent entertaining blogs on the BrightCHAMPS blog page to find out more about Minecraft and interesting facts about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best animal to tame in Minecraft?

The ocelot is one of the best tamable animals in Minecraft because it warns players about danger and also protects them from hostile mob-like creepers.

Which is the hardest animal to tame in Minecraft?

The adult fox is one of the hardest animals to tame in Minecraft.

Camels are available in the Minecraft 1.19 wild update.

No, Camels are going to be available in the upcoming version of Minecraft 1.20

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