7 fun AI activities for kids

7 Fun AI Activities for Kids

By R.Priyadharshini
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The fastest-evolving technology for making computers function like humans is artificial intelligence (AI). With artificial intelligence (AI), computers may learn to understand language, make decisions, and solve problems. 

Virtual Assistants, Self Driving Cars, and Face recognition in Phones use Artificial Intelligence. There are many AI activities for kids which provide opportunities to expand their knowledge. In this blog, I will list the top 7 fun AI activities for kids which keep them engaged, and entertained and also help them to learn many new things.

Is Artificial Intelligence Important for kids?

Artificial Intelligence is very important for kids as it improves their thinking skills and breeds creativity. It helps them to solve problems easily. AI enhances the curiosity level and makes your kids take charge of their learning. Future jobs are going to be with AI and automation. Your youngster will become more engaged and active in the world by learning about AI.

  1. Quick Draw 
7 fun AI activities for kids

Most children love drawing. What if the computers recognize your doodles and guess them? Sounds interesting right? Quickdraw is based on Artificial Intelligence. When you draw, a neural network tries to guess your drawing. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. Kids love this game built with AI which is fun-filled and make them improve their drawing skills

  1. Kuki- Chat with me

 Kuki which is formerly known as Mitsuku is the most advanced chatbot currently in existence and is capable of talking about several different topics. Kuki can be an ideal companion for a child. This Chatbot is safe for children to chat with it without needing strict parental guidance. At the user’s request, she can do magic tricks and play games. Kuki had received the Loebner Prize more frequently than any other applicant, five times in total. The computer program with the most human-like artificial intelligence wins the prize.

  1. Thing Translator
7 fun AI activities for kids

 Thing Translator helps your kids to pronounce an object in different languages. This translator captures the image of an object, recognizes it, and gives a brief description of the object. Along with that, it also describes an image in the chosen language that one wants to learn. Using Thing Translator, kids can improve their vocabulary by learning new words in different languages.

  1. Teachable Machine

Develop machine learning models for your websites, applications, and other projects quickly and easily with Teachable Machine. None of this coding is necessary to complete any of these tasks. You can teach a computer to recognize your sights, sounds, and poses using the teachable machine.

  1. Semiconductor

Do you love music? Then this AI-based creation will be the perfect choice for you. Semiconductor is an AI orchestra that allows the user to manage an orchestra like a real-life conductor. 

You have to look into the camera and move your arms and hands to change the tempo just like a conductor does in real life. The faster you move your hands, the quicker the instruments are played. To play the music louder, you need to move your arms up higher, and to play softer, you need to keep your arms low. 

  1. Emoji Scavenger hunt
7 fun AI activities for kids

Developed by Google, the Emoji Scavenger Hunt uses AI to identify emojis in the real world. The app shows a picture of an object to the player. Once the object is displayed, the user has to find a similar object in the real world and have to upload it. 

The app will analyze the uploaded image and show if the player is correct or not. This game helps your kids to learn and identify different objects.

  1. Shadow Art
7 fun AI activities for kids

Kids love playing with their shadows when the power is off. This Shadow Art allows children to learn how to make shadow puppets just by using their hands. The AI will look at their hands through the camera and decide whether it is good or not. Kids have fun playing this shadow art.


Artificial Intelligence is growing very fast day by day, and it is enabling machines to mimic the human brain. These 7 fun AI activities help the kids understand the concepts and develop an interest to learn AI. If your kids like to learn Artificial Intelligence, support and guide them on the right path.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence means making the machine intelligent and working like human beings.

What are the applications of AI?

Artificial Intelligence has more applications like email spam detection, chatbots, and object character recognition. Artificial Intelligence also finds its applications in many other fields, such as robotics, medical sciences, logistics and transportation, finances, and more utility services in industries.

Can kids learn AI fast?

Yes, kids can learn artificial intelligence fast. Although it may seem like a difficult topic to grasp, children may be introduced to AI at a young age with the appropriate method.

What is the right age to learn AI?

AI can be learned at any age. Several studies suggest young minds are quick learners than any other age of life, it’s better to start early. Many schools nowadays are including AI Learning as a part of the school curriculum.



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