easy science experiments for kids

Top 25 Easy Science Experiments For Kids

By Hemant Roy

In today’s world of innovation, there are plenty of easy science experiments for kids that make our daily lives more indulgent and creative. When we involve our kids in these science experiments, their reaction is priceless and fascinating. Here, we will discuss the top 25 easy science experiments for kids that are effortless to create. 

25 Easy Science Experiments For Kids

  1. Breezy Bubbles  

We can choose the best glowing liquid for this easy science experiment for kids. If you pick to use a glow stick, it will take 20 minutes to stay. Mix the glow stick with your bubble solution,  which we can make using dish soap.  

  1. Crystal Eggshells  
easy science experiments for kids

If you’re searching for simple science projects for kids that appear like ornamental rocks, this is a good option. Make a hole in the eggshell, then remove the contents; split the egg in half with a scissor. The next task is to coat these inner shells with alum powder & glue

Now mix three cups of alum powder with two cups of warm water and use 30 drops of your favorite color, then put these eggshells in that solution for 15 hours to get the beautiful crystal eggs.  

  1. Green Money  

You can turn copper coins into green color by soaking a paper towel and vinegar and leaving the coin in this for hours. It turns green because copper slowly dissolves.  

  1. Ice cream in Ziploc bags  

These are delicious and easy science experiments for kids. Fill a ziplock bag with one cup of cream, two tablespoons of icing sugar with one tablespoon of Vanilla extract for flavor. Next, 

take another bag, and put some ice & salt; then put this ice cream bag into them. Now shake it for 7-10 minutes for your delicious ice cream.  

  1. Magnetic Cereal  

Put a magnet over a piece of cereal that is floating on the water. You can easily manipulate the cereal with the help of a magnet because it contains a high amount of iron.  

  1. Film Canister  

Fill half canister with water, put an Alka seltzer tablet in that and seal it. Now because of the high pressure of this solution, the canister explodes.  

  1. Puffy Soap  

You can expand any soap by putting it into the microwave because of the air trapped inside the soap. Now squeeze it up again into a regular soap brick as all air can escape.  

  1. Leftovers 

You can put your leftover lettuce root in a glass of water and then put it into the soil; after one week, you can observe plant growth. These are easy science experiments for kids that help them learn about farming and vegetation.

  1. Ghost Tea Bags 

Empty a tea bag from Staples side and then balance it on a plate. Draw a ghost image on that teabag and then fire it up. It will float up in the air and disappear like a ghost.  

  1. Dancing Gummy Worms  

Cut your gummy worms, and put them into salt water for more than 15 minutes. Then put it into vinegar and see them start dancing.  

  1. Homemade Snow  

You can mix water with sodium polyacrylate to experience the snow, as it absorbs water very quickly. 

  1. Color Blending  

You need 7 cups with red, yellow, and blue food colors. Take a paper towel and fold it in half and then place it in every cup filled with colored water alternatively to see the magic.  

  1. Sticky Ice  

Take a string with an ice cube in cold water, then place this string on ice and put some salt on that ice. You will observe that ice gets stuck with the thread when you pull it up. 

  1. Egg Eruptions 
easy science experiments for kids

Put an egg in warm rice water and vinegar for 24 hours. Now place this egg in a holder and make a hole for a mini eruption. These are easy science experiments for kids dealing with eggs.  

  1. Floating M&Ms  

There are Ms in your M&Ms that are made of edible paper. So put some M&Ms in water, and after 10 minutes, those Ms start floating. Which you can pick with your fingers.  

  1. Candy Canes Moldy  

Take a candy on parchment paper and put it into the oven with the heat of 250°C to make it molds. Then you can see that it gets puffy but stays in its shape. These easy science experiments for kids make food look more creative to dine.  

  1. Water Colors  

We can get super decorative and easy science experiments for kids, take liquid glue, and a  canvas. Now, make this glue like a pencil & draw some art on canvas, then put salt on this sticky glue. Next, drop some droplets of food color onto that canvas to make an abstract-like image for decoration. 

  1. Homemade Rain  

Take a glass jar filled with hot water and place a bowl over that jar to make foggy droplets. Then fill that bowl with ice. Here, condensation happens as the glass jar reacts with the coldness of the bottom of the ice bowl, and rain will appear in the glass jar.  

  1. Bleach Power  

Take a cup of food color water with a cup of bleach and then mix those cups equally. After some time, you’ll see that the food color fades because bleach oxidizes the molecules of food color. 

  1. Fake Snot  

To make a snooty texture slime, you can use these easy science experiments for kids. Take a  half cup of hot water, put seven spoons of gelatin and then mix it gently. Next, add a quarter cup of corn syrup to bring your desired consistency to the slime. 

  1. Jellyfish in bottle  

Firstly, put some food color in a filled water bottle. Then cut the plastic bag into a square, place some water in the middle and tie it with a string to make a perfect head of jellyfish. Next, cut some of the strings of that plastic to complete a jellyfish structure. Lastly, place this plastic in a  bottle and mix it to see a floating jellyfish in the bottle.  

  1. Firefly Jars  

You can make this for some party purposes. Take some glow sticks and a clean jar, then shake this glue stick into a jar recursively, and then put some glitter in this jar to make them shiny. 

  1. Plant Trumpism  

In this experiment, you can see the difference in plant development when each side receives sunlight at the same time. You may see the attraction of plants to the sun by switching the side of the plant towards the sun every 12 hours.

  1. Non-popping Balloons  

Put some water in the balloon and then place it on the candle flame. You will see there is no popping of balloons because of the water as it absorbs the majority of the heat.  

  1. Inertia  
easy science experiments for kids

These are the best and easy science experiments for kids. Place an egg on a cylindrical cardboard on a tray. Then put that tray in a glass of water. Next, push that cardboard in the right direction then a motionless egg falls straight into the glass of water because of the stable inertia.  

Hence, these are easy science experiments for kids that you must recreate and have fun with your kids. 


There are several easy science activities for kids in today’s age of innovation that makes their daily life more enjoyable and imaginative. When we include our children in these scientific activities, the results are valuable and intriguing.

We have compiled some of the most fun and easy-to-execute science experiments for your kids!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Name the easiest science experiment.

The chemical volcano is the most relevant experiment, which comes with an exciting result to watch. You can use vinegar and baking soda for this experiment.  

What is the topic used for science experiments? 

You can use the different concepts of science to explore experiments. These topics are electronics, chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, etc.

Name the youngest scientist. 

Laurent Simons, who is 11 years old, is the world’s youngest scientist. He is the youngest graduate, known as “Little Einstein” from Belgium.

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