Ultimate List of 30 Best Scratch Games for Kids [2022 Edition]
The Scratch platform is one of the best platforms for kids who are just beginning their coding journey. Initially, kids stay confused as they are unaware of the starting steps. The number of projects to develop from Scratch coding is limitless. Introducing young...
What Are Logical Statements In Scratch?
Hello Readers!  Are you thinking of doing some exciting new project on Scratch? You have some great new ideas and you sit to start working on the project but oops! You realize that you are totally confused about using blocks from scratch. No worries! We got your...
Scratch Programming User and Growth Statistics 2022
Scratch programming is both a high-level block-based programming language and a platform for teaching children to code. One of the best aspects of scratch programming is that it is a visual programming language in which you do not write lines of code but simply drag...
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