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Learn from the world’s top 5% tutors in communication, presentation, English, IELTS, and more!
Learn from the world’s top 5% tutors in communication, presentation, English, IELTS, and more!
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Top 5% Global Educators
Rigorously trained to nurture the kids interest, curiosity & learning.
Futuristic Curriculum
Designed by a global advisory of industry experts and top universities.
Access to the Global Arena
Compete with 1M+ future leaders with premium access to our international hackathons.
1M +
Future Leaders
500k +
Monthly Classes
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Kid's journey
The ABCs of Learning
Basic conversation skills, reading short texts, engaging with photos, role-playing
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The 5 pillars of
our curriculum
Unlock your child's communication genius with us! Our curriculum covers foundational public speaking to advanced communication techniques, led by expert instructors. Build confidence and develop a strong personality to become an effective communicator.
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What is LingoCHAMPS and what are their unique selling points?
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LingoCHAMPS is an online 1:1 platform that focuses on developing confident communication and leadership skills in children. Their unique selling points include a team of top 1% global educators who are trained to nurture children's interest, curiosity and learning, a futuristic curriculum designed by a global advisory of industry experts and top universities, and access to international hackathons to compete with over 1 million future leaders.
What is the LingoCHAMPS journey for kids, and what is included in their curriculum?
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The LingoCHAMPS journey for kids includes five modules, starting with the ABCs of Learning and progressing to mastering public speaking. Each module includes a set of skills that children develop, and upon completion of each module, they receive a certificate. The LingoCHAMPS curriculum includes five pillars: public speaking, creativity, personality development, communication, and collaboration.
What packages does LingoCHAMPS offer, and what is included in each package?
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LingoCHAMPS offers three packages: Discovery, Achiever, and Accelerator. Each package includes a different number of classes, modules, and certificates. Discovery includes the ABCs of Learning module and the corresponding certificate, while Achiever includes the Expressive Conversationalist and Communication Connector modules and certificates. Accelerator includes the Global Literacy Achiever and Public Speaking Prodigy modules and certificates. Each package is taught by a native or non-native speaker and focuses on different skills such as active listening, presentation skills, and global citizenship.